Telegram Vs WhatsApp: Which Is The Best Instant Messaging Service?

WhatsApp and Telegram have multiple things in common. After all, they fetch the same purpose of conveying the message to our dear ones as soon as possible a.k.a Instant Messaging.  As far as the user base is concerned, there is no competition for WhatsApp among all other instant messaging apps. But Telegram can give a very tough competition if you consider all the features that both the apps have got for you. So, here we are with the Telegram vs WhatsApp comparison to help you decide the better one.

Telegram Vs WhatsApp

Firstly we will discuss in brief what each app offers and how they are the best messaging apps.


WhatsApp is huge. Approximately 5 out of 10 smartphone users are active on WhatsApp. After the age of text messaging through phone, WhatsApp not just made sending all the messages for free but now the user can also share pictures or videos altogether. You can see if someone is online so that you can start the conversation.

It is little like Facebook messaging but phone numbers are known to each other on WhatsApp. Other amazing features are messaging in real time without any delay, group messaging, see if your message is seen etc. Even if your friend is outside your country you can easily chat without worrying about the cost.

WhatsApp still brings so many features every now and then that most people choose to stick here. We will discuss later what new features and updates WhatsApp have got that keeps it above Telegram in terms of popularity and user base.


Telegram came 3-4 years after WhatsApp. It also gained popularity because people were concerned very much about their privacy and panicked by the rumors that WhatsApp sells your data.

Telegram came up with an end to end encrypted messaging option but now WhatsApp has that too. Still, Telegram has many more features which makes it special and creating Channels is just one of them.

We will discuss other amazing and decent features of Telegram while comparing both the apps.

Comparing Telegram and WhatsApp Features

Let’s start by comparing popularity and see how far we have to go to make a final verdict about these significant apps.

User Base

As we have already talked about this, there are many chances that a person you want to talk or chat with might not have a Telegram account. WhatsApp had already taken over the chatting apps space when Telegram arrived.

Telegram also lacks some basic features which would attract a normal user who has made up with WhatsApp already. WhatsApp has more than a billion users and Telegram is stuck at 200 million.

So, WhatsApp wins here.

Finding Friends

Making new friends is not really a thing to do with these apps. But Telegram has a little advantage to take away from here. On both apps, you need your friends’ phone number to start an interaction.

But on Telegram, you can search a person by his/her username. Not just for searching a person, this feature is usually used by the users to discover new channels across the platform.

Search with username - Telegram

We’ll have to give this to Telegram.

Sending And Receiving Messages Or Data & Maximum File Size Allowed

These are the very basic and most important features of these apps and everyone started using these apps just for sharing messages or other data like photos, videos, documents etc

Both apps function and send/receive data in real time but with Telegram, you can send much more data at once. The maximum size of the video for sharing on WhatsApp is 16 MB while document size can be up to 100 MB. Most of the time WhatsApp compresses the size of photo or video which affects its quality. But Telegram allows you to send any Video or file of Size up to 1.5 GB.

Video Size Limit - WhatsApp Vs Telegram
Sending Videos – WhatsApp vs Telegram

Isn’t that a little too much against 16 MB? You can even choose to compress according to your choice as you can see in the picture.

Winner: Telegram

Animated Stickers and GIFs

For making texting more versatile smileys and stickers are common things on almost every second app. But, WhatsApp has got no animated stickers. On Telegram, you’ll find a vast range of fun stickers to use and you can download more for free.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has a variety of GIFs to make your chat experience count.

Animated Stickers on Telegram - WhatsApp GIFs

Let’s put this in a draw.


We all have family groups, special groups, annoying groups etc. on WhatsApp. And many of you might have one on Telegram too.

On WhatsApp maximum numbers of members allowed to add in a group is 256 against 1oo thousand on Telegram. Yes, 100,000 is the number.

When you join a WhatsApp group, all the members there can see your phone number by going to your profile. It’s not the case for Telegram. You have all options to remain anonymous even after joining a group.

Winner: Telegram again.

Channels And Bots

There is no such thing as a channel or bot on WhatsApp.

Telegram has it all. Thousands of channels on Telegram are managed by common people or sometimes enterprises. They are available in different categories like Animals, Animes, Art & Design, Celebs, Education, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Gaming, Fitness, Health and the list does not end.

Telegram vs WhatsApp comparison - Co-Founder Durov's Channel - Telegram 1

It has the bots by various creators to make problem-solving easier.

Is it difficult to guess the winner?

Video Calls

All WhatsApp lovers must be feeling alive after coming to this section. Most probably video calling feature doesn’t let a WhatsApp user shift to Telegram despite all amazing things that are in Telegram.

There is nothing much to explain as you all know that WhatsApp has this feature which obviously users love to use. Telegram is yet to roll out video calling.

WhatsApp wins here.

Self-Destructing Messages

Before talking about self-destructing messages I want to tell you that Telegram already has a feature that allows you to delete your sent messages from your and your friends chat history. This is the feature that WhatsApp has rolled out a few months back. But on WhatsApp, you can delete messages within just 4096 seconds.

Yes, Telegram supports self-destructing messages, unlike WhatsApp.  Here you can also choose the timer from 1 second to 1 minute and send.  When the recipient sees the message, the message will be deleted from his device within that selected time.

This one goes to – Telegram.

Data Backup

This is the feature that I love on Telegram. On WhatsApp, you have the option to choose the local storage on your device or on Google Drive/iCloud or both. Despite doing all this I have lost my WhatsApp Data often. There is a fixed time at which backup takes place. If the backup hasn’t been done yet and you lose your Account, you will lose your data too.

But Telegram isn’t messed up this way. It has its own cloud storage and all your data is safe. From whichever device you log in, your complete data will be available there just as it happens on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We can settle for a draw.

Story Or Status

Both features are now same on WhatsApp as Story is called Status. Your picture, video or text status will last for 24 hours from the time of uploading.

status feature on WhatsApp

Telegram has no such feature as Story or status. And both the apps have ‘Adding Bio’ feature which can be seen when someone checks your profile.

Winner: WhatsApp


It was a big concern among WhatsApp users back then. But now, both the apps have end-to-end message encryption by which no one can have access to your personal data.

There is an option on WhatsApp to hide your profile picture even when someone has your number. On Telegram, everyone who reaches to your profile can see your profile pictures and even previous profile pictures if you have not deleted them.

Old profile pictures visible on - Telegram
Old profile pictures visible on Telegram

And as I said in the ‘groups’ section Telegram won’t allow group members to see your phone number but it is not the case on WhatsApp.

So it can be considered a draw.

Final Say

You must have read the whole Telegram vs WhatsApp comparison and you can clearly see that if we talk about the features Telegram is definitely the champion.  But if all of your friends are on WhatsApp, then the champion app does not have many purposes to serve.

WhatsApp has already taken the market for now. It seems like the majority of the users are okay with the number of members allowed in a group on Whatsapp and it is not much of use to them if one hundred thousand people are allowed like on Telegram.

The majority hardly goes for files bigger than 16 MB. All they want is that their message is sent. WhatsApp tapped all these requirements long before any other app like Hike, Telegram, Allo etc.

So, in the end, you can decide which app suits you the best based on your preferences. I have both and I like Telegram more. You can share your view in the comments.


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