The Technology of the Human Body

Technology has enabled many innovations in multiple Industries. Technology has also helped pharmaceutical companies to create better medicines, which has saved the lives of millions of people. As we move toward a world where technology’s influence is going to be greater, you would be wondering how long it would take to impact a very important aspect of ourselves, our bodies.

The answer is, it has already begun.

Artificial Hearts

In 1982, a man called Robert Jarvik invented the first successful artificial heart, which helped a lot of patients live for a longer time period. The mainstream media back then made a lot of factual errors when reporting about the Jarvik heart and ended up touting it as a failed product.

Fast forward to 2008, a company called Carmat has successfully developed an artificial heart that almost mimics the functions of a real heart. The functioning of a heart may seem simple, but it’s actually a very complex machine with a lot of intricacies.

Right now the Carmat heart costs about $200,000, which is very expensive, but in the future it is expected to come down.

Artificial Heart : impact of technology on human body

Robotic Limbs

The DARPA, which is the research arm for the government that works on advanced technology for the military have recently developed a robotic arm that can give the user the sense of touch. This technology literally make humans a regenerative species that was once restricted to a select few reptile types.

The DARPA successfully tested their arm on a 28-year-old amputee who had lost his sense of touch because of a spinal cord Injury. These kinds of technologies are only going to become widely available and these add value to human life. This in a sense lets people push themselves, especially sports people.

technology of human body

Our Thoughts on Artificial Body Organs  

This is actually quite a difficult topic to talk about because it changes the way we think of ‘Humans’. Advances in this field have to be measured because it can impact the longevity of human life and in turn we have to be prepared for the repercussions of that. In a sense, life is meaningful because we are not immortals.

We have a sense of ‘Fear of Missing out’ because we are not there for a long-time and most of us choose to chase experiences to live a fulfilling life.

If man creates artificial organs that let us live-forever, it gives us a choice to either use the real ones or the fake ones. And choice sometimes is not a good thing, when hard decisions have to be taken.

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