Tracking Devices for Kids safety every parent should have

Get to know about useful spy gadgets for kids which you must have as a parent to ensure your child’s safety and keep them protected from different situations that may arise as part of daily routines. These tech gadgets and apps include tracking devices for kids which lets you know where they are, what they are upto, their medical condition, utilization of their time and more.

Are you a paranoid parent?

It is difficult to answer a yes to that question. If you are it’s okay, parents need to be paranoid about the right things. But if you are too paranoid, then that can affect the life of your child. An over indulgent parent will not be able to give enough life lessons to their children because of excessive protection.

What If you could allay your fears by protecting your child but in a very subtle way. Meet your new best friend, technology.

The troubles of the present world aren’t simple anymore. The problems are getting more complicated and the issues are serious. From very simple problems such as an excessive use of smartphones, tablets to the fear of losing your child in a fair are all problems and fears that we are plagued with.

Technology has come an incredibly long way since the arrival of the iPhone. So within a span of 10 years there has been a rapid growth in hardware and software tech. And there has been very similar innovation in the kids-parents technology space. At TechUntold, we’ve just the article for you if you are looking to protect your child from the dangers of this world, but in a cool way.

We cover a host of products for different ages because kids grow up very fast. We cover gadgets and applications that will help you in every way.

Tracking Devices for Kids Safety

1.  Findster Innovative GPS tracking system

There are a lot of tracking devices around in the world, but frankly none of them can match the Findster. The Findster is a pretty nifty GPS tracking device with a twist. The Findster has two devices, one worn by the parent and the other for the child. Without any GPS usage on your phone, the devices communicate with each other and you will be able to track your child.

On your phone you can map out safe zones, which are basically a radius on a map beyond which if your child goes, then you will be notified immediately. This is great for when the child is visiting the neighbors or playing in the neighborhood. All the parent has to do is, mark that area as a safe zone to make sure the child is nearby.

The Findster has one more device that comes along with the kit which is the base station. The base station is a Wifi controlled device that sits in the house and it has double the tracking capabilities of a Findster wear on.
gps tracking device for kids

Another really valuable feature of the Findster is the fall detection technology. An accelerometer is fit in the device of the child and if the child happens to stumble or fall you will get notified. So you can magically appear whenever your child is in need.

Gadgets for kids safety

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2. AllB – Smart Wearable

Even the best of parents cannot protect their infants from a lot of diseases and issues. The worst of them all is SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is common among newborn babies and with SIDS the baby suddenly stops breathing and the parents will not have an Idea. A way to find out if your baby’s breathing pattern is right is by waking the baby up, and every parent knows that’s a disastrous move.

Gadgets to ensure kids health

The AllB got fully funded on Kickstarter very recently. It attaches to the baby’s diaper and comes into contact with the baby’s skin. It’s a non toxic device that is good on the skin. The AllB measures skin temperature, sleep patterns and respiratory rates as well. If any of these metrics seem to be erratic then an immediate alert or an alarm rings depending on the seriousness of the issue. This device works 24/7.

Gadgets for kids protection

Allb Official Website

3. Stillersafe

Kids are born with literally phones on their sides and it’s inevitable that they’ll use it. Even if you can get them to use it less it’s harmful in many ways. Young children’s eyes are developing and more they stare at the screen the more prone they are at making their eyes weak. When we were children our parents used to ask us not in sit in front of the TV and it’s similar to these devices, which are much closely held. The Phones and Tablets all emit blue rays that are not good for the eyes and they strain everybody’s eyes. Even recent reports suggest that you should not be using a phone an hour before you sleep because it affects your sleep patterns. To counter this problem, a new product is in the market and it’s called Stillersafe.

Gadgets to protect kids

Stillersafe makes a glass screen protector that isn’t made of plastic but glass itself that blocks the blue light and thermal heat. It’s a simple product that you purchase when you buy your phone and attach it to your phone. It protects your glass and your kids.

Gadgets to protect eyes

Stiller Safe Official Website

4. Kidcase

The Kidcase deals with another problem that new parents face. Smartphone/Tablet addiction. Kids get attached to their devices and they do not have a sense of time or purpose. If the timing of these devices aren’t monitored then it can cause other major problems like a lack of a daily routine and procrastination. Smart phones and tablets have increased procrastination among kids and young adults because of the constant content flow and opportunities for entertainment. The Kidcase is such a device, which break all these negative effects of smart gadgets.

Gadgets to monitor kids

The Kidcase is a technically advanced case, which monitors the time spent on your child’s iPad and also the parent can set up a time limit per day. It’s super customizable in the sense that a parent can choose to keep the iPad off through weekdays and switch it on during the weekends.

What If the case can be removed?

Only parents because of a lock-based system that is in the back of the case can remove the Kidcase. There is a special feature called ‘Bonus Time’ that adds extra time for the children if they browse and engage with educational apps. An innovation like this trains the child to respect his or her own time and also forms a stronger relationship between parent and child where they do not have to fight with each other regarding the time spent on the iPad.

KidCase Official Website

5. iBaby M6

There is nothing like video surveillance to find out if your baby is fine. And the iBaby M6 is one of the best. It has a sleek design that can be mounted on a table or on the wall. It has a 360 degree camera that can scan the entire room, if you have children that are older and are walking. The camera can also tilt downwards to about 110 degrees. The iBaby M6 has a very neat music player option that lets you pay soothing songs that help your baby go back to sleep and it also has a recording option where you can record your own voice and it plays back.

Gadgets for Parenting

You can capture photos and videos and it gets sent to your iPhone or Android device through the application and you can send it to your loved ones so that everybody knows that your baby is doing fine.

Tech Gadgets for Kids safety

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6. Plug n Play

Children are vulnerable and impressionable in their early teens and mid-teens. They are in the cusp of being adults, but not there yet. This is when they are the most impressionable, they want to impress their friends, they want to be cool and what not. And this is also a time where immaturity is still widely prevalent and hence the cases of cyber bullying are the highest. Our kids can have access to certain content, but not all. Blocking websites through software can easily be circumvented and most people aren’t tech savvy to put higher levels of control. This is where Plug n Play comes in.

Monitor kids activity

Plug n Play is a Wifi hub that connects to the router that automatically blocks the content you want to be blocked. This cannot be tampered with in any way and it’s completely seamless. It’s connected to the parents’ phone where they choose the kind of content that can be accessible through a mobile application.

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Let’s get to the Applications now

Spy Apps to Protect Children

We’ve selected only those applications that help with security of your children and have found the best suitable ones.

7. MMGuardian App

This app is a great way to track your child through GPS when they are on the move. This app needs to be downloaded in the child’s phone as well as the parent’s phone.

app for Gps tracking of kids

There are features in this application that help with Cyber Bullying where you can track your child’s messages for certain words that you program and every time the word is mentioned then the parent gets a notification on their phone. But apart from this, it has locking facilities, where the phone can be locked for a certain period of time, when they are in school or when they are studying.

Apps for proper parenting

But most importantly it’s the tracking and locating is what makes this app awesome.

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8. Lassy Project

This is one of the best safety application that is available in the market. The Lassy project is a simple tracker that’ll notify you if your child is going off track a particular place, but that is not all. It has the community involved. What this means is, the entire neighborhood has this application installed on their phones and if a child goes missing, an immediate escalation is sent to all the residents by a click of a button.

Apps to protect kids

With this, all the neighbors can track the child and try to ascertain the location of the child. This application is for serious threats and is a great way to get many people involved in a matter of seconds. With an application like this, even the police department are involved who get a notification.

Visit Lassy Project Official Website to download the app

Apart from these you can have a look at these 2 applications to monitor your child smartphone activity, location etc.

1. mSpy to track WhatsApp Messages, Location, Call History and more

2. FlexiSpy to spy on WhatsApp Messages, alert on suspicious words and more

Those were our applications and gadgets that we thought you should get for the safety of your child and proper parenting. Let us know in the comments, if you have come across other devices or applications that have worked well.


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