The $1 Trillion Race : Who will get there first? – Part 2

This is a follow-up to our previous post : What does it take to be a Billion Dollar Company?

Apple – $616 Billion

Among all the technology companies, Apple is the closest, sitting pretty at $616 Billion (As on April 5th). But it has lost its visionary founder and since then has come up with Incremental Innovations. In just over a decade, Apple had 3 revolutionary products that took over the world. Most companies have 1 in their lifetime. But growth has slowed, understandably. After all their Innovations and taking over the world, Apple still missed the mark by $300 Billion in their peak. This is how difficult it is, to get to the top. Apple needs to continue this growth, and they need at least 1 or 2 more iconic products that transform the world, then they’ll reach the coveted $1 Trillion.

Which company will reach trillion dollars first
Apple named after the fruit

Google – $512 Billion

Google has a market capitalization of $512 Billion. I am very bullish on Google to actually pull off the 1$ Trillion Milestone. Although Google Glass failed and Advertising still is their top source of revenue, Google is an Innovating company. Their secret Innovation lab called Google X works on not so secret technology like the driverless cars. They were the first ones to crack the driverless car technology. They also work on projects  ‘Internet in the Sky’ codenamed Project Loon that has Wi-Fi beamed from balloons in the sky.

Google need a product out there, apart from search that really hits the nail in the head.

Companies in the race of Trillion dollars Google
Googol which is 10 ^100 was mistakenly spelled as Google in a cheque by one of Google’s earlier clients

Microsoft – $430 Billion

Microsoft is a company that looks like they’ve gone past their prime and have slowly settled down. All their products currently are old Innovations or copies of existing companies. They have showed signs on incremental innovation. But nothing major. Of all the companies in this list, I would say Microsoft has the least chance.

Technology Companies Race Microsoft
Microsoft is named after the chip

Facebook – $309 Billion

Facebook is the youngest of them all. It recently finished a decade of existence and has had extremely fast growth making Mark Zuckerberg one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Facebook unlike Google have not nailed their Advertising yet. Facebook face a lot of spam Issues in their advertising model. To become a trillion dollar company Facebook has to make their advertising model unique and the best in the world, and also they need 1 or 2 other products that will blow the market wide open. One advantage Facebook has is – Mark is young. He is still in his early 30’s and has a long way to go. His vision will carry forward the company to much greater heights.

Tech Companies competition Facebook
Facebook is named after Facemash but a much more detailed version with people’s information

Amazon – $273 Billion

Amazon is that kind of a company that you know is always on track to reach a trillion, because of their long-term thinking (If they survive, they’ll eventually get there). Many people don’t realize this but Jeff Bezos is crazy and it takes that level of crazy to get to a trillion. Amazon is a very innovative company, they still have their founder and they have multiple products that make money. But it isn’t enough. All businesses should be in the Billion Dollar revenue range to stand a chance, they aren’t there yet. Jeff Bezos has a company called Blue Origin – which is a space transport company that if added to the Amazon pile may give it a much-needed boost in reaching a trillion. Amazon’s focus is always on Incremental Innovations, they don’t feel the need to bet their company on any technology or a product. If Amazon reaches the trillion, it will probably be the last company to do so.

Race to Trillion Amazon
Amazon’s named after the Jungle. Bezos suggested that Amazon’s store is as large as the Amazon jungle

Special Mentions

I have my eyes on two other companies who are very small right now, but have more than the required chops to get to the top. I’m talking about Tesla and SpaceX. Both these companies are literally changing the world and saving the world. They have an iconic founder who will never give up. They have been the most innovative company in manufacturing and science and they are in Billion Dollar Industries.

Tesla sits at $34 Billion. But they are just getting started. Cars are not the only way Tesla will make money. They will change the energy market once and for all. This has major repercussions that will mean the dependence on Oil (Sorry Exxon Mobil) will drastically reduce.

Reason behind Tesla Name
Tesla is named after the great inventor, Nikola Tesla

SpaceX sits at around $40 Billion and is literally in A Trillion-Dollar Industry. They already have secured multibillion dollar contracts from the likes of NASA. If space travelling becomes a thing, they have a head-start compared to anybody else.

Reason behind SpaceX name
SpaceX is named after their pursuit – Space

For Tesla and SpaceX, if their innovations are met with demand, their growth will skyrocket and will soon put them in the race to the Trillion.

We at are very passionate about this and look to keep abreast of things. We’ll update this post as and when something impactful is created by these companies that will take them one step further to the Trillion.


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