Targus Replacement Laptop Charger,one stop solution for your dead charger

With extensive use of Laptop Chargers ,they are bound to die after some amount of time. If you are looking for a replacement charger for your Laptop then Replacement Laptop Charger by Targus is a one stop solution for your dead Laptop Charger. It is a universal laptop charger compatible with major laptop brands like Acer,Compaq,Dell,Lenovo/IBM,Samsung and a few more. Targus is a US based renowned manufacturer of accessories for electronic gadgets and this laptop charger is another instance of their brilliant accessory.

Targus Replacement Laptop Charger

It is not a charger manufactured for a specific location of use or for specific laptop rather it is manufactured keeping in mind various scenarios which may come when travelling or buying a new laptop.This is because of the features of this charger which allow it be so versatile.

Features of Targus Replacement Laptop Charger

Multiple Laptop Compatibility

Targus Replacement Laptop Charger is not aimed for a single specific laptop rather it is compatible with multiple major laptop brands.This compatibility is accomplished with the help of multiple pins which are provided with the charger.To be precise there are 8 pins aimed for different laptops with different pin designs.Just use the pin which is suitable for your laptop and plug it at the end of power adapter wire.

Replacement Laptop Charger-8 pins
8 Pins for different Laptops

The beauty about the pins is that if you happen to buy a new laptop which is a possibility, still the charger is useful for you and not just a piece of wires and plastic.

Multiple AC Input Cables

The charger comes with three AC Input Cables which comes in handy when you are traveling to different locations. As you know the sockets in different locations are designed differently,so with this charger you need not worry about buying a new socket extension or new AC input cable for your charger as it is provided with the charger itself.

Replacement Laptop Charger- 3 AC Input Cables
3 AC Input Cables-For India/Europe,UK and Switzerland

The 3 AC input cables provided are compatible for Europe/India,Switzerland and UK.

Power Adapter

Power Adapter is the basic and common thing which you will get with any charger.The jack at the end of adapter wire is designed to work for all 8 pins.

Replacement Laptop Charger- Adapter
Power Adapter

Technical Specifications

AC Input: 100-200 V, 50-60 Hz, 1.6 A

DC Output: 19 V, 4.74 A,90 watts max.

Dimensions: 12.7 X 5.1 X 3.1 cm

Weight: 314 grams

Contents of the box

Targus Replacement Laptop Charger box contains Power Adapter, 8 pins , 3 power cables and a user guide.

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