How to Take Screenshot Of Instagram Temporary Message Without Notifying

Last Updated: October 6, 2018

Earlier in December 2016, Instagram rolled out a new Snapchat like feature of self destructing photos and videos. Follow this tutorial, to know about a trick related to this feature which can be used to take Instagram temporary message screenshot without notifying.

Take Screenshot Of Instagram Temporary Message Without Notifying

Similar to Snapchat the temporary messages(photos/videos) sent privately once viewed will be removed automatically. Now, if you want to save it there is an option to take a screenshot. This is absolutely fine unless you don’t want the sender to know that you took a screenshot and saved their picture. I say this because Instagram notifies users if a screenshot of their temporary private message is taken like Snapchat.

To get around this, I got a tip for you which I will mention in this article. It is tested and is working perfectly in the current Instagram version 10.3.

Take Screenshot of Temporary Private Instagram Message Without Notifying

If you are looking to save Instagram story you can very well take a screenshot as Instagram doesn’t send a notification for Story, unlike Snapchat Stories.

To save temporary photo sent privately on Instagram use the following steps.

1. Open Instagram app and of course, you should be logged in.

2. Tap on Instagram Direct icon at the top right corner.

3. Under Instagram private messages there is a new section which has the self-destructing photos/videos at the top. The message will be loaded by now or to be on safe side you can swipe down on the screen to refresh the messages.

Take Instagram Temporary Message Screenshot Without Notifying

4. Now, this is the most important step. Turn Off Cellular Data or Wi-Fi on your device. Basically, switch off the internet on the smartphone.

5. Tap on the message icon of the user you wish to take a screenshot. Now you are good to take a screenshot before the message disappears.

6. You will come out of the message. It is safe to turn the internet back on the device.

Go to your smartphone’s Camera Roll or Gallery and the picture will be there. At the same time, the sender won’t get a notification of the screenshot.

The crux of the trick is switching off the internet and then taking the screenshot. After taking the screenshot you can even use Instagram with the internet turned on and still there will no notification sent to the sender.

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We hope that you were able to get the method and you were successfully able to take Instagram temporary message screenshot without notifying. Do share it with your friends if you think it is helpful. For any queries use the comment section below.


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