Samsung Internet Browser Vs Chrome: The Showdown Begins

Samsung internet Browser vs Chrome

When you think of browser, the first two options that come to mind are usually Chrome and Firefox, right? They are the two most popular browsers out there, but there is a browser that wants to give Firefox and Chrome a run for its money. Samsung Internet browser wants everyone to forget about Chrome and … Read more

How to Search For a Text or Word in Android Chrome/Firefox Browser

Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most used browsers in Android devices. So all the Android users who are looking to find a text in a webpage in Chrome/Firefox, can easily locate the words without using any third party apps. This article will tell how you can search for a text or word in Android … Read more

How to Download Chrome Plugins CRX Files Without Letting them Install Automatically

Download Chrome Extensions CRX Files

Chrome is the first choice browser for most of the users. It is mainly because of its amazing features, handy extensions and apps. Chrome browser has made our browsing experience great and smooth. They have tried to automate as many tasks as possible to help users save time. One such time-saving operation is the automatic installation of … Read more

How To Snooze Tabs In Firefox Or Chrome And View Them Later: A Simple Trick To Improve Your Productivity

Snooze Firefox tabs and view them later

Snoozing tabs has a lot of benefits and can go a long way in improving your productivity while browsing.  In this tutorial, we mention how to snooze popular browsers. So, if you are a Chrome or Firefox user and troubled by plenty of tabs opened at the same time then follow this guide to snooze … Read more

How to Add Chrome Extensions Remotely From iPhone and Android

Add Extensions to Chrome Desktop from Chrome app

Most of the times we are occupied on our smartphones as they get almost all the things done for us. However, have you ever come across a useful Chrome extension on your iPhone or Android device and wanted to add it instantly to the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac? Unfortunately, Chrome app store … Read more

How To Remove And Add Password To PDF For Free Using Two Methods

Do you want to share your PDF files with someone but they are password protected? Or maybe you want to remove password so that the file can be accessed quickly as it is irritating to key in the password every time you want to open them? Follow this easy guide to remove password from PDF … Read more

Restore Last Session And Reopen All Tabs On Chrome, Firefox

Automatically Restore Last Session Chrome Firefox

When you reopen Google Chrome after it hangs and crashes,  it will ask you to restore to get back all the tabs that were opened. But if you have manually or accidentally closed Google chrome by yourself, it never gives you the option to restore. In that case, how can you restore Google Chrome last session or closed … Read more

How To Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs With A Bookmark

Restart Chrome without losing tabs

Get to know about Chrome restart command/URL which allows you to quickly restart Chrome without losing tabs which were open. There is no need for a Chrome extension and a simple bookmark can do the job for you. With over a billion users, Google Chrome is a widely used and accepted browser. However, Chrome uses … Read more

Embed Web Page, PDF, Tweet, Instagram Photo, And More In Gmail: Mixmax Review

Embed Web page, PDF, Tweet, Instagram photo in Gmail

This is one of our tutorials that will help to improve productivity when others view your emails in Gmail. At the same time, your email will get more attention. You will learn about how to insert web pages, PDF, Tweets, Instagram photos, and more while composing an email in Gmail. It will boost the productivity … Read more