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News and updates from CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016

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CES 2016: Qualcomm press conference update

As we moved from one to another, the conferences were getting really predictable because this CES was all about the IOT and autonomous cars and sick amount of sensors as

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CES 2016: Ford talks about autonomous cars and smart mobility

The CES for the year seems like a bold display of autonomous cars and Internet of Things sensors. Ford is also jumping into the field adding to the various announcements

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CES 2016: Intel is all about sensors from sports to health to work and more

This year at CES, Intel was all about the integration of technology in everyday life, from sports and wellness to creativity of the individual, to even doing a fireworks show

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CES 2016: Samsung refreshes almost everything from home appliances to wearables

Clearly at this year’s CES, Samsung was one company that didn’t fail to impress us with its huge line of electronics it announced for the year at the press conference.

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CES 2016: Nikon releases D5, D500 and a 360° camera

Nikon’s press conference at this year’s CES was the one event for which everybody was expecting something big and Nikon kind of did not let us down when Nobuyoshi Gokyu,

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CES 2016: Sony showed off its 4k Handycam, Hi-res audio range, IoT vision and extra BASS products

At CES yesterday, the technology giant, Sony, felt the need to bring back the emotional value that the products hold when they are seen as a medium for entertainment and

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CES 2016: Netflix now in India along with 130 new countries

The worldwide provider of on-demand internet streaming media, Netflix, is finally in India. This can be the most awaited CES news for a lot of us people who are crazy

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CES 2016: LG shows off fancy home appliances and its interest in cars and IoT

This CES, LG showed off its entirely new range of home appliances starting from a television and then to a smart washing machine, an air purifier and finally a pretty

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CES 2016: Volkswagen announces e-Golf Touch and Budd-e

As the rumors have led to, the Volkswagen’s CES 2016 press conference was indeed impressive and what we encountered was an upskilled Volkswagen Golf called e-Golf Touch and a futuristic

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CES 2016: Huawei unveils Mate 8, M2 tab, watch for women and a stunning gold Nexus 6P

A few hours ago at CES, Huawei announced its year’s flagships. The conference started with some information about how the company has become the third largest smartphone maker in the

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