Stunning Future Technology Products

In 1984, when Steve Jobs revealed the Macintosh he started a product revolution like no other. Today we are in the cusp on great innovations, which will leap forward humanity in many respects. We have not seen even 1% of what products humanity can come up with. Today, we have a list of products that are present and real that will give us a glimpse of how the future will be.

Upcoming Technology Products


This is a special device, especially for Indian users. Rotimatic is a device, which produces a roti a minute. Just like the toaster was invented for toasting bread and microwave for heating, the new revolution in the food industry is automating the production of the food.

They call Rotimatic a robot that accepts ingredients like water and flour into its system and churns out beautiful round rotis.

Future technology Products - Rotimatic

This is what the future of food looks like. With advancement in robot technology and hardware, we will have programmable machines that could bring the entire world’s menu into our kitchens. And what more? The food made by these robots will be the best, because of the accurate measuring.

Here is a good video of rotimatic in action :

Driverless Cars

A lot of people don’t realize this, but the driverless car is going to be a sooner than later revolution in transportation. Already in trial runs in the United States, this car drives itself.  With the driverless car, transport is not going to be another job.

The insides of cars will change to become more like a moving house. With the traditional features not being important or even the attention of the passenger not required, we can envision the driverless car to be an extension of the users home.

Upcoming technology in cars
Driverless Car

Image Source :

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Here is a good video of the driverless car in action :


As an outsider, if you go to japan, it can be quite a hassle to communicate as well as to get things done because of the lack of English penetration. The biggest barrier that can be hard for business people all over the world to do business is language.

Business has become international and it is a requirement to do business in other countries to get the best prices and products. To solve this problem, meet iLi. iLi is a wearable device that translates real-time from one language to another.

It’s a simple device, where you push and talk in your own language and it automatically gets translated into the language of the recipient. Now if this isn’t a product of the future I don’t know what is.

future technology for wearables
iLi – Wearable Translator

Here is a good video of iLi in action.

These products give you an Idea of what’s in store in the Food Industry, Transport Industry and the Language Industry. As a bonus, we’ve added one more for the entertainment Industry as well.


Oculus is the extremely popular company that was acquired by Facebook even before they released their first product. Oculus is what you call, immersive technology where users are almost part of the entertainment experience. It is a headset device with attached headphones that give you a 3D feel very close to your eyes. It isn’t restricted to game, content like movies can also be watched and experienced.

future Technology Gadgets

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In conclusion 

Sometimes humanity, especially the ones who shape the future for everyone else have to pause and think if their product is effective and useful for the world. The products we create today will impact the future of humanity. It is the responsibility of every entrepreneur, engineer,  scientist to create responsible products that will take humanity forward and unravel the mysteries of the universe.

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