How to Customize Facebook Page Notification Settings

Last Updated: April 4, 2017

As many of the Facebook users are connected to a large number of Facebook Pages, it gets tough to manage and look for all the notifications from pages. Some users get annoyed while many users want to receive all the notifications from a specific Facebook page on their iPhone and Android devices. As you can stop Facebook Group notifications, similarly to stop receiving notifications or to customize Facebook Page notification settings of a Page, follow the below method.

how to customize facebook page notification settings - featured

Customizing notifications is very important as some users want to turn on/off birthday notifications while some are annoyed and wants to turn off Facebook notifications received via Chrome browser.

Stop/Customize Facebook Page Notification Settings

The below procedure to change notification setting of a particular Facebook Page is same for mobile as well as for the Web.

1) Open Facebook Page whose notification settings you wants to customize.

2) Next, tap on the Following button as shown in the picture.

how to customize Facebook Page notification settings - following

3) For PC/Mac: A list of options will pop up. If you want to stop all the notifications from that specific Facebook Page, then click on All Off under Notifications. But if you want to make changes in the current notification setting for an individual page then click on the pencil icon against Notification.

how to customize Facebook Page notification settings - all

For Android/iPhone App: A new screen called Your Subscriptions will open. (In order to stop receiving all the notifications, turn off the Get Notifications toggle button) But to customize the setting, tap on Edit Notification Settings.

how to customize notification settings for Facebook Page - mobile

4) A new screen will open where you can change the notification setting for that particular page depending upon your Needs.

how to customize Facebook Page notification settings - all settings

5) If you want to receive notifications for all the post from that particular page, then you need to choose All Posts under Posts option. By default for all posts the notification if off.

Similarly depending upon your requirement, you can customize the Live Videos notifications for that Page and also the relevant offers & events.

I hope you were easily able to customize the notification settings for the individual Facebook page. If you come across any issues, do let me know via comments.


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