Steve Jobs success story

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This article will take you through Steve Jobs success story and also let you know how he became successful.

Steven Paul Jobs – An American guy who was born on February 24, 1955 in  San Francisco, California whom we now call “Steve Jobs” —  the co-founder of Apple Computers with Steve Wozniak. Jobs, the inventor of the series of iPhone and iPad and the only idea in his head was “computers in the hands of everyday people”.

Who among us doesn’t know  about Apple and its products which magnified the technology like anything? And  the mastermind behind this technology evolution is none other than “Steve Jobs” as we all know. So I am very sure, those who love Apple products and the Jobs admirers would love to know about his story and the path he walked to reach the level where we found him. In this article you will go through the journey of Jobs.

Inspirational Story of Steve Jobs

Early stage of career and life

Jobs’s biological parents were Abdul Fattah Jandali and Joann Caro Schieble but he was adopted later on by Clara and Paul Jobs and hence they named  him as “Steven Paul Jobs”. As his  father Paul was machinist so Jobs used to help him  in their own garage electronics work and this is what taught him how to reconstruct the field of electronics and gradually his keen interest turned into his hobby and lead him to the path of inventing and creating something new. Jobs had always been the owner of a smart and intelligent mind.

In his junior school, he was known for his innovative pranks and extra-ordinary skills of carrying out experiments. Then came the important point of his life, he joined Homestead High School and he met Steve Wozniak – his future partner of Apple. Wozniak at that time was attending the University of California, Berkeley. Surprisingly they both had outstanding knowledge and interests in electronics and in this way they got their common thread.

Apple Computer – The evolution

How Steve Jobs became successful
Steve and Wozniak in the early days of apple

After schooling, Jobs got admission at Reed College,Portland,Oregon. But he lost interest and dropped college right after 6 months. For the next 18 months he joined  a course of  calligraphy. In 1974, Jobs visited Atari where he got a job as video game  designer in a firm. But suddenly he left that firm as he found himself into spiritual enlightenment in India. He was in continuous touch with Wozniak however and hence when he was 21, they started Apple Computers in the year of 1976. They financed their entrepreneurship through the family garage Jobs had and selling the scientific calculator Wozniak had.

And the journey started – they started making machines which were smaller, cheaper, user-friendly and innovative. At that time they sold their personal computers for $666.66 each and earned a profit of around $774.00. The company started growing and then Apple Computers had its market value of $1.2 billion by the end of 4 years from the start of the company. Jobs at that time was handling the marketing department of Apple but then he became the CEO and handed over the marketing department to John Sculley who was the marketing expert of Pepsi-cola.

Goodbye to Apple computers

Then a phase arrived when Apple suffered from huge losses due to several flaws in its products which consequently disappointed the clients and customers of Apple.  Moreover, at that time  Apple had to compete with the IBM/PC as it completely dominated the tech market. Apple tried to launch more user-friendly, innovative and youth demanding  computers but failed to compete with IBM and satisfy the consumers. Now, Sculley certainly blamed Jobs for the loss incurred by Apple. And then Jobs was criticized for all the flaws encountered in their products and business and almost all the company executives accused him for the degradation of the firm.

So, it compelled him to detach his ties with Apple and he resigned in 1985. After that, he started his individual firm of hardware and software products which he named a NeXT,Inc.  In that year only, he bought n animation company and named it as Pixar Animation Studios. Jobs invested his own money in Pixar and Pixar got collaborated with Walt Disney in 2006 and Jobs was then Disney’s largest shareholder.

Come back as the CEO again

Though NeXT, Inc., and Pixar had great success but even then Apple managed to take over and buy the companies for $429 million. They offered Jobs again for being the CEO of Apple, this time, a whole new management team was there in Apple  and they believed Jobs was the most deserving CEO of Apple.

And then? Jobs made Apple come back with a blast again with it’s stylish innovative products like iMac.

Steve Jobs success story
Steve Jobs launching first ever iPhone

The tumor Phase

In 2003, Jobs got to know that he had  a neuroendocrine tumor which was nothing but a form of pancreatic cancer. However he didn’t opt for surgery, rather he preferred pure vegetarian healthy diet and some natural treatments for it. In this way, he kept delaying the operation for 9 months which even bothered the company executives as it may  effect the company shares if the shareholders came to know that the company CEO was ill. But finally Jobs had a surgery in 2004 and the tumor was removed.

Jobs and his personal life

Jobs was kind of a very reserved person and he never disclosed his personal life. But it was disclosed somehow that he had a girlfriend named Chrisann Brennnan whom he left for the sake of his career and fully focus on the invention of Apple and its growth. Chrisann claimed that Jobs fathered her daughter at the age of 23 but Jobs denied this claim and had no relation with his daughter until she was 7 years old. But then Chrisann was struggling financially, so her daughter started living with her father Jobs finally.

In 1990, he married Lauren Powell and then they started living with their three children.

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Steve Jobs motivational story
Steve Jobs and his wife

Innovations in Apple and Jobs Exit

By the passage of time, Apple invented MacBook Air, iPod, and iPhone which set fire on the evolution of technology. Apple simply caught eyes of all the consumers and using Apple’s products in today’s world in kind of sophistication.

In 2008, iTunes and iPad sales were the biggest in America and Apple acquired no. 1 position in fortune magazine’s list of America.

And then came October 5, 2011, when the largest shareholder, co-founder, and CEO of Apple – Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56 .

He gave a huge contribution to technology. He is no more but his contribution and quotes are still here with us.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” ~ Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

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