Spotify now allows you to stream videos

It does not come as a shock to the people of the technology world that Spotify has finally started streaming shows on the very same app. Spotify has launched a video channel with content from most popular television channels like Comedy Central, ESPN, BBC, MTV and others.

As the other major competitors like Apple Music and Netflix are already overshadowing the service by the advantage of their availability of videos in most of the countries around the world, Spotify took a different step by providing TV shows to compete with these services. Although we people in India would like to enjoy the service here but Netflix and Apple Music are already winning large number of hearts which a big player like Spotify should not neglect the fact.

Spotify allows video streaming



The update has been released eight months after Spotify first announced that it has an intention of adding videos to the service to make people look at Spotify rather than just listen when minimized. The videos have been added to the android app update and the iOS will get it in the next week or so. The videos are mostly short-form clips from the popular shows having similarity to that of the “Discover” tab in Snapchat.

Although the move seems to make the service more engaging and dynamic but the need that YouTube or ESPN can already fulfill makes the video shows appearing in Spotify a little challenging to get widely accepted for long. As Apple Music has music videos and Netflix has TV series and movies and Snapchat has its own well-formed minute clips to update you with the happenings on a daily basis, Spotify engaging in the video market seems no more than a step taken to eliminate the competition.

Spotify Video Streaming


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The videos can be found under the “Browse” tab of the application which seems a little buried. The video shows as of now are available only on the app and the company has not hinted about the availability of the content on the desktop though we are anticipating a news in the near future. We all know that this move was highly anticipated when services like Apple Music were in the talks. The competition is tough and each of the services has its own pros and cons and now with Amazon also jumping into the field to crash Apple Music and Spotify together, who knows what is going to happen in this modern day world war.


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