Sony Paris Games Week conference roundup: Amazing games revealed

The first ever press conference in Paris Games Week was held by Sony yesterday and it turned out to be an epic win for the developers at Sony and for us, the gamers. With a myriad of upcoming games and the PlayStation VR, formerly known as Project Morpheus, to extol its work, Sony had us at this year’s Sony Paris Games Week. A lot of games are going to get released.

Sony Paris Games Week
PlayStation VR Headset

“Tonight is all about games”, the PS4 boss Jim Ryan saying in the start gave us a gist of the event mainly focusing on the upcoming titles but when he went down the memory lane by revisiting the past of the PlayStation 20 years ago, he gave us a hint about some legendary games getting a revision. Starting with the Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Star Wars Battlefront trailer, they looked livelier and a little touched after E3’s debut announcement. The titles are legends and no doubt they are going to be the selling point this year too. PlayStation owners can explore the Black Ops III maps for 30 days before their rivals on Xbox One get their hands dirty.

Call Of Duty Black Ops III at sony games week at paris
Call Of Duty Black Ops III revealed at the conference

Now what? EXCLUSIVES! With six additional characters to purchase using the in-game currency, Street Fighter V will be a PS4 exclusive releasing on February 16th. Other exclusives include Until Dawn, 2K’s Battleborne: an FPS competitive play with an exclusive Beta access for PlayStation public, Boundless, Avicii Vector: a vector based rhythm game and last but not the least, No Man’s Sky that generated an incredible amount of hype has a final release date set for June 2016.

Sony Paris Games week conference roundup
Street Fighter 5

We are not done yet! With a hint at E3 and Gamescom of SCEE’s Matterfall, old but definitely new Ratchet and Clank and Guerrilla Games’s Horizon: Zero Down with beautiful weaponry and crafting play, we are extremely excited for the final releases. The next game needs a drum roll. It’s Tekken 7. Yes the ninth-instalment in the Tekken series is finally here having a story line dating back to days even before Tekken 1 in the Tekken world.

Driveclub Bikes (already available to download) will cater to the needs of the simulation lovers, and this time its bikes.

Sony games week conference
DriveClub Bikes

One of the titles that totally got us is Gravity Rush 2. With three different gravity styles- normal, super light (Lunar) and super heavy (Jupiter) you will surely live your dream to walk on moon, or other celestial bodies, maybe. When Naughty Dog’s Christopher Balestra came out, we knew that its Uncharted 4 (Multiplayer) time. The enhancements to the multiplayer mode were shown using a really compelling trailer.


We all see dreams but we forget most of them. Media Molecule is working on Dreams for PlayStation 4. With Dreams (yes! It’s the title) you can use gestures and your regular game controller to build dream worlds and live them using the creation tools in the game itself. Dreams debuted at E3 this year and is still in the alpha state. How big a dream could be?

This year seems like the year of virtual reality. With Valve and HTC rolling out their VR headset, we already had the idea of Sony doing something in the same domain way before Project Morpheus was around the corner and the PlayStation VR is the final result.  It’s “the” VR headset for the gamers. A few of the many PlayStation VR ready games were shown in the conference having new as well as old titles. The first game is named RIGS. It can be related to Rocket League, but for VR. It sees you piloting a giant mechanical craft in a weird future sport arena. The next is the Until Dawn spin-off for PlayStation VR called Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. It is “built up ground up for VR”. The third party developers are not lagging behind when it comes to leveraging the technology of PlayStation VR. Crytek, the owner of Cryengine is building a game for PlayStation VR called Robinson: The Journey having a “ridiculously pretty” gameplay. As a matter of fact, Tekken 7 is VR ready too.

One game having a serious vision for the future online racers is Gran Turismo Sport. Kazunori Yamauchi, those who don’t know he is the creator of GT (all hail the king!) says, “It’s the most realistic simulation of all time.” This game will reimagine the way people play driving games because there will be two FIA championships running throughout the year. One is nation’s cup, which is country vs. country and the other is Manufacturer Fan Cup which is where you can prove that Ferrari’s are better than Porsche’s. And guess what, there are actual prizes for the winners. Beta test later this year.

From the creators of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls a band new title called Detroit: Become Human will take you through the struggles of a robot having advanced AI understanding the world. Ex Machina? Anyone?

Detroit become human PS 4 game

Coming to end with our last title for the day: WiLD. From the creators of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, this PS4-exclusive game makes you control the nature. You can control any animal, bird or anything in the freaking nature. It is really compelling.

With these announcements, we know that our social life is in jeopardy, but isn’t it worth it? Comment below for your impressions on Sony’s Paris Game Week announcements.


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