How to Snooze Tabs on Chrome and Get Reminded Later to View Them

Last Updated: March 12, 2017

Are your important tabs clogged by a plenty of other tabs which you don’t want to deal with right now? It happens all the time to all of us when our browser is flooded by tabs. It is not that those web pages are not useful or unimportant but they break focus and it makes hard to concentrate on the tabs which are important now. So, to overcome this issue we share a solution to snooze tabs on Chrome browser. Snoozing tabs will make them disappear and you will be reminded later to get back to them.

Snooze Chrome tabs

Why Snooze Tabs and how is it Useful?

While you’re working on an urgent task and you stumbled upon a web page with exceptional content. Snoozing that web page will work greatly in these sorts of situations. You can easily snooze the web page and you will be reminded later so that you can view it. This way you don’t deviate from your current task and get to see the web page later too.

You can always bookmark web pages and view them later. But this way you will end up having a plethora of bookmarks which you have to delete so that you don’t miss the websites/web pages you want to visit frequently.

This is where snoozing tabs can help you. Snoozing tabs will mean that they will be closed at that particular time. And you will be reminded via notification at a later time selected by you to view those snoozed web pages.

So, let us see how you can snooze tabs/web pages on Chrome browser.

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Snooze Chrome Tabs

To be able to snooze tabs on Chrome browser you need to add the Tab Snooze extension from the following link.

Personally, I feel that this plugin is among the best Chrome extensions.

Once you have installed the extension you are all set.

There will be a crescent moon icon added at the top in Chrome browser. It is the icon of Tab Snooze extension.

Whenever you wish to close the tab now but wish to view it later, Snooze it. Click on the half-moon icon when you are on the desired tab or press Alt+s on the keyboard. Select the desired time for viewing later. There are a good number of options offered.

You can choose to view it later today, tomorrow, next week, in a month or even pick a specific date and time by clicking on Pick Date.

Snooze tabs on Chrome and view them later

As soon as you click on the desired time, the web page will be closed. Now, depending on the time you chose you will be reminded by a notification to view it.

Notification for snoozed tab
Notification to View Snoozed tab

If you wish to change the time intervals of the options presented then click on the Settings(gear icon) at the bottom of the extension menu.

Under Snooze times you can set the desired time intervals.

Change Snooze time on Chrome

You can see all the snoozed tabs at one place by clicking on Snoozed tabs at the bottom of the Menu which appears on clicking the extension icon.View Snoozed tabs

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We hope you found this article and useful. Extensions like these help us to be more productive at work. Isn’t it? Do share this article on social media and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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