Snapchat Spectacles Features, Price and How To Use Them

Snapchat Spectacles were launched a month ago and here we are with its comprehensive review. Get to know Snapchat Spectacles features, price, where and how to buy them and most importantly how to use them.

What have we here? Social Media has taken a physical form for the first time. It was all about apps, snaps, swipes, likes and so on. Now you can show off your fun lives with spectacles.


It’s a bit of a mystery really. Snapchat’s announcement of the Spectacles is geared at their target market of younger millennials. They’ve taken funky sunglasses and added an element of social in it. If that’s not genius I don’t know what is.

Snapchat Spectacles: Everything You Need To Know

Why Are Snapchat Spectacles Interesting?

This is interesting because people wear Sunglasses when they go out. And when young teens and tweens are generally going out, it isn’t to work. They are either traveling, doing fun things and whatnot. With the spectacles, they can look cool, they can record whatever they are doing and upload it on Snapchat without being engrossed on their phones. They can live life and still be part of the “Document Everything” generation.

Snapchat has done an incredible job of marketing these cool products. They’ve taken the word “Spectacles” which was reserved for dorky glasses that an eight grader would wear and they made it cool. They didn’t go all out and dump a bucket load of features in it and make the wearer look like a weird human cyborg like the way Google Glasses did.

Snapchat Spectacles Features

They’ve taken a very simple approach to it. They aren’t even going all out with the sales. Their sales are restricted only to these vending machines that are sprouting up in a few places. They’ve made it an easter egg hunt to get a hold of these glasses.

Snapchat Spectacles Price

The pricing of these glasses is also perfect. They are at $130 and this is the price range you get normal sunglasses in. Now, if you think about it, they are kind of in a scary space even for Apple.

Apple has been hunting all the camera companies in the world by making their iPhones powerful camera devices. It’s too early to tell for Spectacles, but if Snapchat is able to give a more seamless experience to their users whole taking photos. They have an upper hand here.

This is one of the most interesting products to have come out of any Silicon Valley company, not because of it’s technology, but because of its practicality. It’s a pair of sunglasses that takes snaps. If you don’t want to take snaps, you don’t have to. Even for tourists, this is a perfect product to take along and record your journey. Snapchat recently set-up a vending machine.

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Where And How To Buy Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat recently set-up a vending machine on a beach in California and people queued up in front of it to get their hands on the spectacles. This is a great validation for a company that hasn’t gone all out with the product.

But Snapchat still wants people to work hard to get these spectacles. A little chase makes the final acquisition worthwhile. These vending machines are called Snapbots and these bots keep traveling to different locations. Snapchat keeps changing the location every 24 hours and you can track them using the map feature.

Snapbots - Where and how to buy Snapchat Spectacles

Here is a simple teaser video about the vending machine. It obviously doesn’t fly like the house in the movie ‘Up’, but the concept of this is very fresh and new. Sadly, this is available only in the US for now.

About The Snapchat Spectacles

The glasses by itself are downright gorgeous. They have these colors that pop and are extremely stylish. They have a very simple set-up.

The packaging itself is very neat and colorful. The box the spectacles comes in is also the charger. How cool is that? But it’s not the only way to charge the spectacles, you can charge it directly as well.

Snapchat Spectacles Battery Charger

Battery Backup

According to Snapchat, the spectacles charges completely from 0 to 100% in 1.5 hours. Also, the protective box + charger if fully charged can charge the spectacles for four full charges.

Snapchat Spectacles Design

How To Use Snapchat Spectacles?

To start the device, All you have to do is switch on Bluetooth on your phone and wear the glasses and tap on the phone and click on the ghost. You get a Snapcode on your phone and you have to look at the code with the spectacles on and the camera in the spectacles picks up the code. So very simple.

There’s a button on the glasses which on clicking starts the Snap. It takes 10-second videos and goes straight to Memories from where you can share your snap. Also, the 10 second snap you take seamlessly shifts from Landscape to Portrait and vice versa, without having the black patch you see in horizontal videos.

If people are worried about privacy, it’s simple to tell when a person is snapping you, because the outer rim of the camera has a light which lights up so the other person knows you are snapping them.

Snapchat Spectacles Working


According to Snapchat, you need an iPhone 5 at the minimum running on iOS 8 and for Android, it’s Android 4.3 at the minimum.


In your Snapchat app, you can go to Settings -> Spectacles to check out the battery level and other simple features about your spectacles.

The settings include –

  1. Creating a Unique name – It’s a Bluetooth device after all.
  2. Storage Clearing – You can delete snaps that are there on the Spectacles, this won’t delete the ones already in memories
  3. Restarting Spectacles – You can always restart it
  4. Forget Spectacles – You can unpair it and pair it with another device.

Spectacles and Errors

It’s a proper device with cues. And these cues come from the very useful LED rim. Here are some errors that you may encounter.

1. If the lower center LED light is blinking 3 times, then the battery is low.

Snapchat Spectacles when battery is low

2. If five LED lights blink 3 times, then the storage is full.

Snapchat Spectacles indicate when storage is full

3. If two LED lights are blinking then the spectacles are too hot or too cold.

Snapchat Spectacles are hot or cold

4. If three LED lights are rotating and blinking, then there’s a software update.

Snapchat spectacles indicate software update

These are so very simple. The first time you use it, you understand everything. There are some of the most seamless technology product I’ve seen. They haven’t reinvented the wheel here, they’ve just taken the wheel and added a dimension to it.

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The tech companies in the world need to be on their guard. Snapchat has announced its arrival and they aren’t just ordinary. They are new and fresh and are hitting the right chord with their target audience. Considering their target audience is very young, experimental and highly social, Snapchat’s products will be adopted and used like no other product company in this world, obviously other than Apple. Snapchat may have succeeded where Google has failed.

Snapchat, Welcome to the big league.

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