Smart phones to detect Skin Cancer

Every year approximately 80,000 deaths are caused due to skin cancer. To detect skin cancer at an early level a smart phone accessory has been developed. The “Molescope’’ is a smart phone accessory which provides the user with detailed view of the skin in high resolution. This view of your skin is provided by the device’s magnification and also through the specialized lighting.

If skin cancer is detected at its early stage the chances of survival is up to 98% and if its detected after the advance stage the chances of survival is just 15%. The Molescope act as a dermatologist to diagnose skin cancer, as it takes pictures of your moles and then these pictures are sent to the “DermEngine” platform to be studied by an expert doctor. If there is a problem or change detected the patient is informed straight away.

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This amazing technology was developed by “Maryam Sadeghi” when she was doing her research work for her Phd in computer science years back from now. This accessory was introduced this year itself during the world congress dermatology in Vancouver. The Molescope runs through an application specially designed for iOS and it also keeps a check on the skin and the moles, also how they alter over time.

The motive to develop this amazing technology was to make skin diseases easily traceable and also to make skin treatment easy and time saving. You don’t have to run to skin clinic every time you see a mole or some difference in your skin, all you need to do is take your Molescope, attach it to your phone camera, take a picture and it will be sent to the DermEngine for tests. The results are given straightaway without any delay.

smart phones to detect skin cancer

When the Molescope was going through testing, Maryam Sadeghi’s Phd supervisor was going through the pictures of her own skin and she self diagnosed to know that she was suffering from Melamona (a type of skin cancer).

“We are fortunate that she found out at an early stage’’ Sadeghi quoted.

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The Molescope currently is available online, can be pre ordered and will be delivered to you by the end of this summer. Two version of molescope’s are available firstly the “consumer version’’ which is worth $100 and the second one is the pro-edition with additional feature like patient management which will cost approx $200. Molescope is currently available in iPhone 5 and 6 smart phones to detect skin cancer.


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