7 Best Smallest Android Tablets For Work & Entertainment

Tablets are the portable way of carrying your full entertainment and convenient web browsing without adding much bulk. Android tablets can vary in sizes, the average display size of any usual tablet is around 9-10 Inches. As the growth of portable technology, different manufacturers are creating smaller and compact tablets. Usually, small tablets are cheaper but it may depend on their specifications.

We bring you the best smallest Android tablets that you can buy in 2018. But before we start you should note the following.

While selecting a small size tablet you may or may not get all the specifications you desire. It can have good screen quality but not so good storage options or vice versa. Most of the manufacturers do not compromise and may provide you with all the high-end specifications.

As the size of the tablet decreases, resolutions of the display may vary which results in low PPI. You may lose a little bit of screen quality depending on which tablets you choose. Some of them will have the same 1024 x 600 screen resolutions but with low PPI, or higher PPI with low resolutions. PPI(Pixel Per Inch) provides more color and sharpness to your display, the more PPI the more the display is fine. Without further delay, let us have a look at the most compact tablets.

Smallest Android Tablets You Can Buy

1. Nexus 7 from Google (2013)

Nexus 7 by Google 2013

It is packed with a 1.2 and 5 megapixel HD camera on the front and rear respectively. It also has a Cinematic 5.1 Virtual surround sound which you can listen with or without the headphones.

With matte black finishing and plastic body, this device is light and easy to carry. It can fit in your bags or even a coat pocket. As it is from Google you will be able to use all their applications, Cloud-based services and can be upgraded to Android 6. It has a powerful 3950mAh battery which will provide 9 hours of active usage in a single charge and 2-3 days standby.

In addition to this, you will also get wireless charging. The only cons it has is no expandable storage option, the bezels are quite broad compared to other tablets. For connectivity, it has Wi-Fi and 4G support. If you are looking for casual usage you can buy this tablet.

Display7.0 inch with Corning Fit Glass
CPUQuad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9
Storage16/32 GB, 2 GB RAM
Weight290 gram

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Smallest Android Tablets - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8

Samsung provides with one of the best techs with respect to the Android segments and tablets herein particular. They have many Android tablets but in a small size, this one got our eye. It has a 5 megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front camera which gives decent pictures.

It comes with Android 6 and an option to expand the storage up to 256 GB via microSD card. Performance-wise this device is great and doesn’t lag while running a few apps side by side or multitasking. Also supports OTG to connect USB flash drives. If you want to enjoy all the entertainment and gaming on a big screen then you can buy this tablet.

The display of this device is not great, but it will be convenient and fine to use. It has 4200mAh battery providing almost 10 hours of mixed usage in a single charge. For connectivity, it has Wi-Fi, 4G support withBluuotooth 4.0 and GPS. You can also use Microsoft office applications which come preinstalled in this tablet.

Display8.0 inch with TFT Captive screen
CPUSnapdragon 140 Quad-Core 1.2 GHz
Storage16/32 GB, 1.5/2 GB RAM
Weight313 gram
ColorsSmokey titanium, Smokey Blue, White

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3. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 – HD

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - Compact Android Tablet

Lenovo Yoga tablet is unique in the segment of built and design while compared to other tablets. It may not have a rich and crisp display but a few features make it worth buying. While talking about the design and built, it has a cylindrical edge at one side of the tablet which makes it unique. There you will find an 8 megapixel AF 180° rotating camera which also has gesture controls.

You can also enhance your listening experience with stereo speakers supporting Dolby Atmos audio enhancement. On the back, there is a stand attached to the side of the tablet. It can be used to keep the tablet on flat surfaces allowing it to use without lifting. Watch seasons and movies in a classic way. The matte finish on the back and sleek design make it feel nice on hands.

Apart from these, it features an amazing  6200 mAh battery. If you looking for a basic tablet with good battery life then go no further. This powerful battery allows it to be used for up to two days in a single charge. The only downside it has is low RAM and only 16 GB storage variant which can be expanded up to 128 GB. You also won’t be able to use SIM card as it only has Wi-Fi variant available for this screen size.

Display8.0 inch IPS LCD
Resolution800 x 1280
CPUQuad-core 1.1 GHz Cortex-A7
Storage16 GB, 1 GB RAM
Weight467.2 gram
ColorsSlate Black

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4. LG G-Pad X

LG G-Pad

LG has provided with really good tablets down the line in the market, and the best for their users. G-Pad X offers you a great display, and it also performs faster. If you are looking for something good under 200$ then it is a nice option. It offers a 5-megapixel front and back camera with panorama feature allowing you to take wider photos. It has a sharp display with vibrant colors which is really nice.

One thing it has which is not offered in most of the tablets in this screen size. It has a full-size USB port. This means you can use your keyboards, mouse, pen drives etc. without any OTG connection.

For connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi and 4G. You will get a 4800 mAh battery which can last up to 10-11 hours. The built of the tablet is fine and it has a knitted pattern in the back. It feels thin in hands and easy to operate.

Display8.0 inch IPS LCD
Resolution1200 x 1920
CPUOcta-core (4x1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4x1.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Storage16/32 GB, 2 GB RAM
Weight309 gram
ColorsWhite and Gold

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5. Huawei MediaPad M5

Huawei MediaPad M5 - Best Smallest Android Tablets

Huawei has stepped up its game and is creating great tablets and devices with some pretty great specs. This device has one of the best display and great storage options among the list of best smallest Android tablets. Very rich colors and sharp display makes it easy for indoor and outdoor uses. It offers USB type-C quick charging which is really a good thing.

Unfortunately like other tablets you will not get a 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones. But you can still use it with the adapter provided with the tablet. Its metal design makes it superior in quality and premium in hands. You will be able to enjoy virtual sounds with speakers at the top and bottom of the tablet. Surprisingly it has a fingerprint sensor for security and can multitask easily.

Talking about the camera it has an 8-megapixel front and 13-megapixel rear camera which are really good for capturing photos. For connectivity, you can use Wi-Fi or 4G. The performance of this device is really smooth and there is no lag anywhere. Whether you are browsing the web, watching a series or playing games it can do all of it without any worries. It is packed with 5100 mAh battery which is good as it is a powerful device and of course requires a high capacity battery.

Display8.4 inch IPS LCD
Resolution2560 x 1600
Storage32/64/128 GB, 4 GB RAM
Weight316 gram
ColorsSpace Gray, Champagne Gold

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6. Asus Zenpad S8

Asus Zen Pad 8

Thin in design and with a brushed metallic body on the back, Asus Zenpad is providing you the best tablet in this price range. The 2K display is great and the viewing angles are far better than most of the tablets in this list. It also features USB Type -C connector for charging your device.

You will get a 5-megapixel front and 8-megapixel rear camera which can take great photos in well-lit conditions. It has an option of expanding the storage up to 256 GB via microSD slot. This device has two stereo speakers which will give you a great listening experience. The tablet is running on Android 5.0 with Zen UI for smooth operations.

It has a 4000 mAh battery which can last for 11 hours of decent usage. Performance-wise both the variants are decent, but the 4 GB RAM variant wins as it handles every task you want to do very well. The only downside is it has no cellular connectivity, only Wi-Fi and no multitasking like the Huawei MediaPad.

Display8.0 inch IPS LCD with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Resolution1536 x 2048
Storage16/32/64 GB, 2/4 GB RAM
Weight298 gram
ColorsBlack, White

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7. Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon Fire 8

Taking over its predecessor Fire 7, it is the cheapest tablet that you can get at this screen size. You will get most of the features like other tablets and in half the price. This device highlights two of the really great features. You can use Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa on this device just like the Amazon Echo. It also features Dolby stereo speakers. At this price, these speakers are really impressive.

Amazon Fire OS laid upon the Android makes this device a little different from others. It does not have Google Play Store and some of the apps may not run or transfer from other devices. You can download apps from the Amazon store which have quite decent and similar apps.

With 3210 mAh battery, this tablet can go up to 10 hours of normal usage. It has a really great standby mode of 2 days. Unfortunately, you won’t get sim card slot and only Wi-Fi variant is available and its storage is expandable up to 256GB via microSD. The build of the device is fine with a matte finish in the back and an Amazon logo. You can easily hold it in your hand and it won’t feel heavy or thick.

Display8.0 inch IPS LCD
Resolution800 x 1280
CPUQuad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53
Storage16/32 GB, 1.5 GB RAM
Weight369 gram
ColorsBlack, Canary Yellow, Marine Blue, Punch Red

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Best Smallest Android Tablets That Are Compact Yet Powerful

Watch your favorite TV shows, stream online and play games with these smallest tablets for Android. These tablets also allow you to do your work on the go as most of them feature Microsoft Office. You will never miss a meeting and a large screen will also help in good video conferencing. All these tablets feature all the necessary requirements of an average tablet in smaller size.

Some of the tablets offer some unique and out of the box features like the stand in the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3. You can also buy tablets on a budget like the Amazon Fire 8 that is really an impressive tablet in that price. And of course, for those gadget geeks who want the best and are willing to pay, can go for Huawei MediaPad or Asus Zenpad 8.

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