How to Sign In to Windows Without Password Bypassing Lock Screen

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You have landed to a right place if you are looking to remove Windows login or lock screen password. When users login to their Microsoft account to install apps, Windows automatically use that password to login to your PC. Here I have explained two methods to sign in to Windows without password. One for the startup time, when your PC starts another is when you lock the screen manually or the laptop goes to sleep.

I came across the idea of writing this article when the same case happened with. There was a login password setup on my Windows 10 system. I logged into my Microsoft account to install the apps. The next time I used the laptop, it asked me to sign in with the Microsoft credentials.

Sign In to Windows without Password of Microsoft Account

To disable the login password at Windows 7/8/10 startup, you can follow the below steps.

1) Click on the search bar and type in “netplwiz” and press enter.

sigin to windows without password - lock screen

2) A User Accounts window will open where you have to uncheck the checkbox saying “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer“.

how to remove sigin password in Windows PC lock screen- username

3) Next, click on Apply button.

4) A new screen will appear where you have to enter the user name (Microsoft id/admin name) and password and then click on OK button.

how to disable login password in Windows PC lock screen- ok

Note: If you try locking the windows screen to check whether the login password has been removed or nor, then this will not work for you. You need to restart the system in order to see the changes.

Some users have reported in Windows 10 that login credentials are not asked at the time of startup but asked when the system wakes up from sleep.

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Remove Password When PC Wakes Up From Sleep on Windows 10

To achieve this task on your Windows PC, follow the below steps.

1) Open Control Panel.

2) Look for User Accounts and click on it.

how to remove sigin password in Windows PC lock screen- control panel

3) Next, click on “Make changes to my account in PC settings” as shown in the picture.

how to disable sign in password in Windows PC from lock screen- manage
4) Now click on the Sign-in option from left side panel.

how to remove login password in Windows PC from lock screen- sign in


5) Look for “Require sign-in” and click on the drop down and choose “Never” option.

how to disable login password in Windows PC from lock screen- never

6) That’s it. Restart the system and this will work perfectly.

I recommend you to use the password for Windows login as there are some security concerns. For example: someone can remotely access your system without the credentials as you have not setup the lock screen password for your Windows PC/laptop.

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