How to Shutdown PC Automatically at Anytime

Many people fall asleep while working or watching movies or doing some other stuff on PC. You can shut down your system after a certain time automatically so that you don’t leave your system keep running. This is a really good way to shutdown PC automatically and their is no need to shutdown when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Procedure to Shutdown PC Automatically

The below method to shutdown the PC is only for Windows 7 systems. No need to estimate the hours you are going to work or how long the movie will be to set the time for automatic system shut down like in Windows XP. In Windows 7 you can directly set the exact time you want the PC to shutdown.


Go to Start, click on Control Panel. Next, click on System and Security and then look for Administrative Tools and click on it. Under Administrative Tools, click on Task Scheduler.


In the Task Scheduler window, under Action menu, click on “Create Basic Task”. In that wizard it will ask for a title and a description, you can fill it with something like “PC Shutdown” and then click Next.


To schedule the daily shutdown, you can select the daily option on the left hand side of the Task Scheduler window and click on Next button. Choose the time you want to shutdown your system. On the daily screen, enter the date and time you want and then click Next.

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It will ask for the action to be performed, you simply select the “Start a program” and click Next. After this, type in “C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe” in the “Program/script” text field. And in the add argument box, type “/s”, then click Next and Finish. 

After following the above process your PC will shutdown automatically at the same time you have set. If you come across any problem while performing the above task to shutdown PC automatically, then you can share with us.


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