How to Show Saved/Connected WiFi Password on Windows

If you are connected to a WiFi on your Windows laptop or a PC and want to know the password, then you can easily get it without using any third party software. Windows itself provide an option to show connected WiFi password. I have shared two methods in this article, one will show connected WiFi password and the other one will help you find password of saved WiFi Hotspot connection even if not in range.

I came across the same situation where I wanted to know the password of the WiFi saved on my laptop in order to connect my Android phone to the same WiFi network. On looking for a solution I found one which works perfectly.

Show Connected WiFi Password in Windows 7/8 or 10

In order to find saved WiFi password on Windows, do not download any third party software. Simply follow the below steps and you will get the password of your saved WiFi.

1) If you are already connected to the internet, right click on the WiFi icon from the toolbar and choose “Open Network and Sharing Center” option.

how to find saved wifi password on windows - open network

2)  A new Window will appear, click on “Change Adapter Settings” option, available in the left side panel.

how to show saved wifi password on windows - change adapter

3) Next, look for the WiFi you are connected to from the available Network Connections. Right-click on it and select “Status” from available options.

how to show connected wifi password on windows - status

4) Now click on the Wireless Properties as shown in the picture.

how to see saved wifi password on windows - properties

5) A window will open where you need to select the Security tab.

how to show saved password of wifi on windows

6) Next, you need to check the Show characters option under “Network security key“. Once you do that, you will see the saved WiFi password in the box itself.

how to show connected saved wifi password on windows - security key

This is how you can easily get the saved WiFi password.

Once I got the password, I simply put the password on my Android device and enjoyed surfing videos on YouTube.

Find Saved WiFi Password on Windows

If the WiFi is saved and is not in range means you have connected the WiFi in the past, then also you can get the password. Follow the below steps to achieve the same.

1) Click on the Windows icon and type in Command Prompt. Run the Command Prompt as an administrator.

2) Next, type the below command in the command prompt and press enter.

netsh wlan show profile

3) The above command line will show all the WiFi connections saved on your laptop. After this, you have to type in the below line.

netsh wlan show profile “WIFI NAME” key=clear

Replace “WIFI NAME” with any of the desired WiFi connection name and press enter.

4) This will list all the information of that WiFi connection. From the information itself, under “Security Settings” info, look for “Key Content“. You will find value next to the key content, this is your password.

So you can view all the saved WiFi passwords, even if you are connected to it or not. If you have any other tweak to show connected WiFi passwords on Windows, you can let us know via comments.


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