How to find stored passwords in Chrome and Firefox

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This article shares about the ways of finding stored passwords in Chrome and Firefox web browsers. The method mentioned in the post also explains about revealing hidden password shown in black dots/asterix.

With too many passwords for multiple accounts like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin one may forget the password of one or the other account and it’s totally natural. To overcome this users tend to save the password by clicking on remember password. You will be able to login without remembering your password but what if you want to know the stored password. You cannot see it as it is shown in black dots, neither can you copy it. Here are the two ways to show hidden password characters in Chrome and Firefox.

Show Hidden password

Reveal hidden password Chrome

Method 1

Let’s take example of Facebook and show hidden password for it.

  • Go to and right click on Password field textbox
  • Select Inspect element from the menu presented on right clicking.
  • Developer Tools will open up and you need to edit input type in the line of code which is highlighted
  • Double click on the highlighted line and change input type from password to text as shown in the image below.
Show hidden password chrome, Firefox
Change input type from password to text
  • Hit Enter and close the developer tools
Reveal Hidden password Chrome
Hidden Password shown

With this hidden password on Facebook will be shown instead of black dots. Similarly you can show the hidden password characters for other accounts like Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

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Method 2

The first method is the quickest way to find stored password. Alternatively, you can use the following method to reveal hidden password in Chrome :

  • Go to Chrome Settings
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Under Advanced Settings navigate to Passwords and Forms
  • Click on Manage Passwords link
  • Saved passwords list will be shown. Click on the account for which you want to show the password
  • After selecting click on Show button. The hidden password will be shown as in the image below :
Find stored password in Chrome
Show Stored Password in Chrome

Reveal hidden password Firefox

Method 1

Follow the same procedure as in Method 1 for Chrome to show the hidden password characters in Firefox.

Method 2

For second method the options are little bit in different place. Use the following steps :

  • Click on Tools and Select Options
  • Under Options select Security
  • Click on Saved Passwords under Security
  • Saved Passwords list will be shown. Select the account for which you want to see the hidden password
  • After selecting click on Show Passwords

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A new column showing the password will be added.

These were the two ways which you can use to find the stored password in Chrome and Firefox. Do share any other ways of revealing hidden passwords.

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