How To Share Someone’s Stories On Instagram

Stories have proved to be a revelation in the growth of popular photo sharing app, Instagram. With over 400 million users enjoying the feature, it has certainly gained a lot of traction. Instagram continues to make it better by introducing features every now and then. Earlier, location and hashtags stories were launched so that users could explore stories based on their interests or region. This time they have rolled out an option to send other people’s stories via Instagram Direct. In this quick article, we take you through how you can make use of the latest feature to share someone’s stories on Instagram Direct as a private message with your friends or followers. Additionally, you wil also learn how to disable Instagram Direct sharing for stories. Which means you can prevent people from sending your stories to others via direct messaging.

Share Someone’s Stories On Instagram

1. Update the app to the latest version by going to the respective app stores for Android and iOS.

2. Open Instagram and tap on the desired story at the top of your news feed.

3. When the story is playing you will see a new plane icon(Direct) next to the message box. Tap on it.

Send Others Stories as private message on Instagram Direct
Earlier vs Now

This works in the same way you share others photos and videos on the news feed or profile.

Important: You won’t be able to see this option if the user has disabled sharing of their stories as messages. You can also configure this setting for your account using the method in the next section later in the article.

4. On tapping the Direct option you will be able to choose the friends to whom you want to send it.

5. Tap on SendĀ next to the username of the people whom you wish to send the story.

share someone's stories on Instagram

The story will be shared privately with the selected people. Of course, they will be able to view it until it has not expired which means the story is less than 24 hours old.

If you receive a story of a user in the Instagram Direct message who has a private account then you will not able to view the story unless you follow them. But for a public account, the story can be viewed without following.

Also, the owner of the story won’t be notified that you sent their story to someone.

Disable Instagram Direct Sharing For Stories

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile screen by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right.

2. Now, tap onĀ  Hamburger icon at the top right and select Settings(gear icon) from the Menu.

Instagram app settings

3. Next, select Story Controls/Settings.

Instagram Story Settings

4. Toggle Allow Sharing switch to OFF in the Sharing section.

Disable Instagram Direct Sharing for Stories

Doing this will remove the Direct message icon from your story restoring to the way it used to be earlier. The best thing is that the setting applies instantly even for the already uploaded stories.

You can also disable sharing of your Highlights as messages from the same place if you want.

It is possible to enable Instagram Direct sharing of stories from the same place whenever desired.

Is this Instagram Direct sharing option for a story useful for you? Or are you going to turn it off for your account? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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