How To Share Video From Facebook To WhatsApp On Android And iPhone

Facebook has become a medium where people share information via photos, videos, text, gifs. And the same goes with the WhatsApp app. People are now so much into the sharing of stuff that they are now looking for cross-app sharing methods. One would be how to share a Facebook video on WhatsApp. This feature is not currently available on Facebook and could be the future planning to include the same. You might have noticed; you can directly share photos and not videos to WhatsApp. This article will help you out to share video from Facebook on WhatsApp.

Share Facebook Video On WhatsApp

I have listed down methods for Android and iPhone via which you will be easily able to send Facebook videos to WhatsApp.


1) This is a bit manual way where you need to first download video from Facebook on your Android device. You can use the below app to download Facebook videos.


Its developer’s name is Giannz. It is my favorite Facebook video downloader app. There are many reasons for that. On other apps, you have to search the video that you want to download. In this app, you can easily find the videos from the sections like ‘Watched Videos’, ‘Liked Videos’ or ‘Saved Videos’ etc.

Also, when you download a video, there is an option to choose the quality and destination file of the video. You can also rename the video before downloading it.

Best Facebook video downloading app -My Video Downloader

App link: Android

2) Next, open your WhatsApp app.

3) Open the chat with whom you want to share & tap on the attachment icon.

4) From there you can tap on videos, it will navigate you to the gallery from where you can select the downloaded video you want to share.


For iPhone/iPad, use File Manger app like Filemaster to download the video.

  • To get started, install the FileMaster from the following link. It is a free app.
  • Now, launch the Facebook app and go the desired video you wish to download.
  • Tap on Share at the bottom right of the video and select Copy Link.

Copy Facebook Video URL

  • Now, head over to FileMaster app. Tap on the Browser tab at the bottom row.
  • Clear the default URL. Tap on the address bar in the browser and select Paste from the context menu. Hit Go.

Save Facebook Videos on iPhone

  • Select the video to Play it. The video will start playing. Tap on Done at the top left to come out of the Player.
  • Now, the grayed out downloaded icon will be activated and animated at the same time. Tap on it.

Download Facebook Videos iPhone

  • Give the desired name to the video and select Confirm.

The Facebook video will start downloading. You can view it anytime from the Filemaster app after it is downloaded. Similarly, you can save other Facebook videos to your iOS device.

After you have downloaded the Facebook video then you can easily send the video through WhatsApp on iPhone using the Filemaster app.

This is how you can send a Facebook video on WhatsApp manually. This method will work for iPhone as well as for Android devices.

Do you know of any other way to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments.


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