How to setup Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

If you ever wished to access your Windows 7 PC from a remote location like office, or on a picnic ,you can ,by configuring your PC  for remote desktop connection.  Once you configure the remote desktop connection settings and connect ,it is as if you are sitting in front of your PC  having access to all data,files and folders. This post describes about how to setup  Remote Desktop Connection and how to access your PC remotely via remote desktop connection.

Remote Desktop Connection Settings

1. Enable Remote Desktop Connection

Firstly,you need to enable remote desktop connection on your PC which will allow your PC to be used remotely. This connection is disabled by default.To enable this Go To My Computer>Right Click and Select Properties.

In Properties windows select “Remote Settings” on the left side of the window.In the Remote Tab of System Properties dialog box select option “Allow connection from computers running any version of remote desktop”. Click on Apply.

Enable Remote Desktop Connection
Enable Remote Access

Now your PC can be accessed remotely.

2. Add Users who can access via remote desktop connection

Administrator and users with admin rights  can access without selecting or adding them explicitly. In case you want other users to access the PC remotely then you need to Add them. To add users click on “Select Users” and Add the users from Remote Desktop Users dialog box.

Ensure all the users including administrators have a password in to order for successful remote desktop connection.

You are now done with configuring your PC for Remote Desktop Connection. Therefore ,now you should know how to connect and access your PC remotely.The process is simple and described below.

1. Login to any other system from where you want to access your PC remotely.Go to Run and type “mstsc” which is a remote desktop connection command and press Enter.

2.Remote Desktop Connection Dialog opens. Here you need to enter your “Computer Name” which you can find in your PC properties by right click on  My Computer and selecting properties.

Remote Desktop Connection Settings
Computer Name


Click on Connect after entering your PC  Name.

3. Now you need to enter the user name and password . You can only access remotely with users you added  in your PC while configuring as described earlier in the post. Of course users with admin rights are having access by default.

Enter Username as: Computer NameUsername  and then the password and Click Enter.

That is it and you are viewing your PC remotely.

Note: The systems have to be on same network and  you can only connect to computers running the Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise editions.

We Hope this helped you. Do share with us if you are having any problems while configuring remote desktop connection.


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