Set up Medical ID in case of an emergency in Health App for iPhone

Health App for iPhone was introduced with iOS 8 back in September, 2014. Most of the people out there don’t know the features available in Health App. It is one of the coolest iPhone apps. In this article we will be sharing a feature where you can set up your Medical ID in Health app which is too useful in case of an emergency. If you are searching for an app for emergency contact in iPhone then setting up Medical ID in Health App is a must for you.

Need of setting up Medical ID – Health App for iPhone

If you are in an emergency(accident/mishappening) and you are not in a position to unlock your iPhone via Touch ID or Passcode then Emergency option available will provide you with a keypad where you cannot call anyone. However, if you have set up your Medical ID then Medical ID option will be available in Emergency option wherein all your emergency contacts and medical details can be seen as shown in picture below:

Set up Medical ID in case of emergency
Medical ID option available in emergency


Set up Medical ID in case of emergency
Medical ID details


From this Screen anyone can make a call to emergency contacts without unlocking the iPhone.

Note :  If you have not set up Medical ID then you won’t get this feature.

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Set up Medical ID in case of an emergency

To Set up Medical ID follow the following steps : 

  • Open Health App in your iPhone
  • Select Medical ID from the bottom Menu
  • Tap on Create Medical ID
  • Here you need to Enter your details. Most important is adding Emergency Contact/Contacts
  • Tap on add emergency contact , select the contact from your Contact List. As soon as you select the contact it will ask for the type of relationship you have with that contact. Select the relationship and the contact is added as an emergency contact. You may add multiple emergency contacts.
  •  Apart from this add your Blood Type, Weight and Height which will be useful in case of an emergency.


Set up Medical ID in case of emergency
Medical ID Set up – add details
  • Once your are done updating. Tap on Done at top right of the screen.

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As soon as have completed this, you will have a Medical ID option in Emergency screen when the iPhone is locked(as shown in picture above). Therefore, in case of an emergency you won’t have to unlock the iPhone and simply anyone can access your emergency details and help you out.

Health App for iPhone is got to be one of the handy iPhone apps and to Set up Medical ID in case of an emergency is a must for every iPhone user. Why wait when such a feature can save you in an emergency, Set up your Medical ID right away. Do share this among everyone you know is an iOS 8 user! You never know your share may save someone in case of an emergency 🙂

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