How to Set Reminders for Unread Emails in Gmail

Last Updated: August 15, 2017

Are you always struggling to reply to Emails on time or even forget to address them completely? We can understand your trouble as it happens with most of us when we receive a plethora of Emails from clients, colleagues and friends. With tight deadlines and pressure of work, we are bound to miss the Emails. To help in mitigating this issue we are here with this article to let you know about a nifty Chrome extension. It will help you to set reminders for unread Emails in Gmail easily.

Before proceeding ahead make sure you have Chrome browser installed on your computer.

Set Reminders for Unread Emails in Gmail

1. Go to Chrome web store and search for Countdown to Inbox Zero plugin or directly use this link. Add it to your browser.

2. Once the extension is added open Gmail or reload the web page if you have it opened already.

3. All the unread emails in the Inbox folder will be labeled with a 12-hour timer on the right side.

Reminder for Unread Emails in Gmail

By default 12-hour timer is assigned from the time you received the Email. When there are 8 hours left the timer label will change its color to orange. For unread Email’s that are more than 11 hours older or over due the timer gets the red color.

With this, you are visually reminded of the time an unread Email is sitting in your inbox unattended. It does help in taking action within a 12-hour period which is fair. You can either mark Email as read, reply, delete or star it and this makes sure that Emails are not just left unread.

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Get this Chrome extension now and start taking actions on Emails in Gmail without delays. This will definitely help you in being more productive with your Emails. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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