How to Set Maximum Volume Limit on iPhone/iPad

Last Updated: April 22, 2017

Are you addicted to listening to music on your iOS device? Or watching videos or even TV series? If yes then you might be familiar with the situation of increasing the volume to an extreme level in the heat of the moment. Be it an exciting song or a thrilling part of the movie we just fire up the volume without thinking of others in our surroundings. More than that if you are using your earphones/headphones while listening to music high sounds are harmful to your ears. iOS provides a clever solution to this problem. It is possible to set a maximum limit for the volume. In this tutorial, we share information about the same setting and take you through setting maximum volume limit on iPhone/iPad.

Set Maximum Volume Limit on iOS device

It is possible to restrict volume easily with a few taps on iPhone or iPad. Here’s how you can set it up on your device.

1. Open Settings app and select Music.

2. Under Music, swipe down to Playback section. Tap on Volume Limit in Playback.

Restrict Volume on iOS device

3. Next, swipe left/right on the volume level to set the desired volume limit

Set maximum volume limit on iPhone.

That’s all there’s to it!

Now, when you increase the sound on your iPhone/iPad to maximum volume, the sound level will be limited to the one you set above.

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This volume level is not only limited to Music app but applicable to all the apps you use on your iOS device including YouTube, Netflix, SoundCloud etc. Basically, the volume limit is applied to the iPhone and none of the apps can bypass the volume limit set using the above setting. Moreover, the volume limit will be for the speaker as well as earphones/headphones.

You can change/restore the volume limit to maximum/default value later whenever desired from the same location.

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We hope that you were able to set the maximum volume limit on your iOS device using this tutorial. Do you find this setting useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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