How to Set or Change Low Battery Notification Level in Windows 8, 10

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The battery on my laptop is 2+ years old and is of course not the same as it used to be. Because of that, the battery is not able to survive any longer below 10 percent. Sometimes, there is even no low battery warning and the laptop crashes(shuts down). By default, the low battery pop-up is set to 10% but in my case I want it to be much higher to be able to plug in the charger before the laptop shuts down suddenly. If you also want to set it to some other percentage for some reason then follow this tutorial to change low battery notification level in Windows 8 or 10. In case low battery notification is missing then you can also use the same guide to enable it.

Change Low Battery Notification Level in Windows 8, 10

1. Open Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound.

2. Next, click on Power Options.

3. Depending on the Power plan you use, click on Change plan settings against it.

Change Power Plan Settings Windows 8 10

4. On the next window, click on Change advanced power settings.

Set Level for Low Battery Notification Windows 8 10

5. Power Options dialog window will pop-up. Scroll to the bottom and expand Battery option. And then expand Low battery level. Under that, click on On Battery and use the drop-down or directly type the desired level you would want a warning.

Change Low Battery Notification Level in Windows 8 10

If you wish you can also change the critical battery option from the setting just below it with the name of Critical battery level.

Click on Apply to save the changes.

That’s all there is to it.

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We hope that you were able to get the warning when the battery is low and most importantly set a desired level for the low battery notification.

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