Set 6 digit, custom numeric, alphanumeric passcode in iPhone on iOS 9

How to set 6-digit passcode in iPhone/ iPad on iOS 9? Know how to set custom alphanumeric, custom numeric passcode on iOS.

iOS 9 was made available to users officially on September 16th, 2015 with exciting and new features. Among a lot of new features there is an enhancement made to improve the security in terms of passcode in iOS 9. Now on iOS 9, you can set custom numeric and custom alphanumeric passocode of 6 or more digits in addition to 4-digit numeric passocode which you used to set in earlier versions of iOS.

How to set 6 digit passcode in iPhone on iOS 9

Follow the steps given below to set custom alphanumeric passcode of 6 digit or more in your iPhone/ iPad with iOS 9 :

  • Go to Settings App
  • Select Touch ID & Passcode under Settings
iPhone Passcode Settings in iOS 9
Touch ID & Passcode
  • Enter your current 4-digit numeric passcode
  • Select Change Passcode in Touch ID & Passcode
  • Again Enter you current 4-digit numeric passcode
  • By default you will get an option to enter 6 digit numeric passcode
  • Enter desired 6 digits if you want 6 digit numeric passcode
  • To set alphanumeric passcode or numeric passcode of more than 6 digits, select Passcode options which can be seen in blue just above the keypad as shown below
Set 6 digit Passcode in iPhone on iOS 9
Passcode Options iOS 9
  • Select Custom Alphanumeric Code or Custom Numeric Passcode as you desire
Set aplphanumeric passcode in iPhone on iOS 9
Custom Passcode in iOS 9
  • Now you can enter alphabets and numbers of 6 or more digits as desired and Tap Next at top corner 
  • Verify your new passcode and select Done at top right corner

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You can successfully set 6 digit or more alphanumeric or numeric passcode using the method above. Moreover, you can switch to different formats of passcode anytime by using Passocode Options.

Following are the unlock screens you will get while unlocking depending on the passcode you set.

Set custom numeric passcode on iOS 9
Unlock Screen for custom numeric passcode
Set custom alphanumeric passcode in iPhone on iOS 9
Unlock screen for custom alphanumeric passcode

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Hopefully, setting passcode of more than 4 digits and using alphanumeric passcode will increase your iOS device security. What are thoughts about switching to bigger length passcode? Kindly share in comments section below.

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