How to send WhatsApp message to yourself

Does the title sound weird to you? I agree at first you will think why the hell would you message yourself. But my dear friend, it serves a useful purpose of maintaining a to-do list, saving links/information which you want to have for later use. Therefore, in this WhatsApp tutorial, I will be sharing how to send WhatsApp message to yourself.

Send WhatsApp messages to yourself

I send WhatsApp messages to myself when I want a link on my iPhone which I found while browsing the Web. I use WhatsApp Web and use either of the two methods given below to send myself a WhatsApp message. Let us dive into the two methods.

Send WhatsApp Message to yourself

There are two methods to achieve this. The steps remain the same for Android as well as iOS with the options present at slightly different locations.

Method 1

This is a really straightforward and easy way of sending yourself a WhatsApp message. All you need to do is save your number in Contacts.

After saving your number in your Phone Contacts open WhatsApp. Your contact will be listed under Favorites. You can open it and start sending WhatsApp messages.

Method 2

The other method of doing it is with the help of WhatsApp group. Create a WhatsApp group by tapping on New Group at the top right on the main chat screen.

Send WhatsApp message to yourself

Add one close friend to the group who won’t mind getting added to some random group. Give a desired name to the group.

Now, go to Group Info and tap on the  name of the contact you added to the Group under Participants. Select Remove [Contact Name].

Send message to yourself on WhatsApp

With this, only you are left in the group and you can use it as a personal space for sending messages to yourself.

These were the two methods of sending yourself WhatsApp messages. We wish that you liked this WhatsApp trick. Do you find sending messages to yourself useful?

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