How to send Photos and Videos on Instagram Direct from Gallery or Camera Roll

Last Updated: October 6, 2018

Apart from introducing disappearing photos and videos on Instagram Direct, Instagram made it even easier to share or send Photos and Videos on Instagram Direct from smartphone’s Gallery or Camera Roll in its latest update. This is what we will be sharing in this article and let you know the old as well as the additional new method to share Photos and Videos privately on Instagram Direct conversations.

Share photos and videos privately on Instagram

Instagram is a smart player when it comes to copying features from other competitor apps. I don’t say this because I hate Instagram rather I love using Instagram. The reason I say this is because Instagram Stories released a few months back is a concept taken from Snapchat Stories. And now, a few days back they released self-destructing photos/videos which are removed automtically when viewed once by the recipient which is also an existing feature on Snapchat.

Apart from that, you can share text messages, photos and videos privately as well similar to Facebook. This was possible from a long time back on Instagram via Direct Messages. But now they introduced one more quick way to send media via Direct Messages which is more convenient.

Let us look at both the earlier and new methods to share media on Instagram Direct.

Send Photos and Videos on Instagram Direct from Gallery

The steps and screenshots used in this article are from iOS app version 10.1 but the method remains the same for Android as well.

Method 1: Share Photos/ Videos as private messages on Instagram

1. Open Instagram and tap on the icon at the bottom center with a + symbol on the Home screen(Feed).

Send Photos privately Instagram

2. Now, either you can select an existing Photo/Video from the phone Library or capture a new photo or video by selecting Photo or Video tab respectively.

3. After selecting the desired media tap on Next at the top right corner. Choose the desired filter and select Next.

4. This is the important step you need to follow so that you send the photo/video privately to the desired user or group and end up sharing it as a new post with all the followers. To send the media privately tap on New Post at the top center and select Direct Message.

Send Media to friends Instagram Direct

5. Select the desired group or friends. Add a caption if you want and hit Send at the top left corner.

Send Media to groups privately on Instagram

That was easy, isn’t it? Now let us look at the option which was added in the recent update.

Method 2: Send Photos/Videos as Instagram Private Message

This feature is added in the latest update of Instagram app version 10.1.0 for iOS and Android. So, you need to update to the latest version to make use of this option.

1. Open Instagram and select Instagram Direct icon at the top right corner or swipe towards left on the Home screen to go to conversations.

Share Photos on Instagram Direct

2. Select, the conversation to which you wish to send the media or select New Message if you have never exchanged messages with that user previously.

3. Once you are in the conversation, tap on the media icon(newly added) at the bottom left of the screen.

Share Photos and Videos on Instagram Direct from gallery

Select the photo/video from the Camera roll or tap on the Camera icon on the right to capture a photo/video.

Send Video on Instagram Direct

4. After selecting the media, tap on send icon(upward arrow) at the bottom center to finally send it.

Send Photos and Videos on Instagram Direct

The second method comes in handy when you want to quickly share a photo without bothering about filter or caption. Whereas you can always go for the first method if you wish to add filters to the photo.

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We hope that you were able to send media as a private message to friends and groups on Instagram. If you found the tutorial helpful then share it with your friends.


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