How To Send Photos And Videos On Instagram Direct

When Instagram introduced disappearing photos and videos on Instagram Direct, it also made easier to share or send photo and video messages on Instagram Direct from the smartphone’s Gallery/Camera Roll or simply by using its own Camera. This is what we will be sharing in this article and let you know the methods to share photos and videos privately on Instagram Direct conversations. Furthermore, we have also shared the steps for sending self-destructing photos and videos. You can even select if you want the recipient to see it only once, allow replay or keep the media in chat.

Send Photos And Videos On Instagram Direct From Gallery

We have majorly used screenshots from the Android app but there isn’t much difference for iOS users.

1. Open Instagram and select Instagram Direct (Airplane icon) at the top right corner or swipe towards left on the Home screen to go to conversations.

Share Photos on Instagram Direct

2. Select, the conversation to which you wish to send the media or select New Message (+ icon) at the top right if you have never exchanged messages with that person previously. You can even search for the user if required.

3. Once you are in the conversation, tap on the Gallery icon among the options that are present next to the message field as shown in the screenshot.

Send Photos and Videos On Instagram Direct

This will open a Window with the photos from your phone’s Gallery. Select the desired photo/video from the Camera Roll by tapping on it. You can tap on the Gallery drop-down to see all the folders in your Gallery. It is possible to select multiple photos/videos at once. If you wish you can also send posts from your Instagram profile by tapping on the profile icon.

4. Once you’re satisfied, tap on Send.

Send Photos as Private instagram message

As you can see from the same place, you can select GIF and send GIFs from the GIPHY library on Instagram Direct.

Now, let’s look at the methods for sending self-destructing messages.

Send Self-Destructing Photos And Videos On Instagram

Instagram is a smart player when it comes to copying features from other competitor apps. I don’t say this because I hate Instagram rather I love using Instagram. The reason I say this is because Instagram Stories is a concept taken from Snapchat Stories. And now, they have also released self-destructing photos/videos which are removed automatically when viewed once or replayed (depending on the setting you made while sending) by the recipient which is also an existing feature on Snapchat.

There are 2 ways you can go about this. We have shared both of them.

Method 1

1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the Camera icon at the top left corner. Alternatively, you can also tap on Your Story on the top of your feed or swipe towards right on the home screen.

How to Use Self Destructing Messages Instagram

2. Take a picture by tapping on the Circle icon at the bottom center or long tap for video as desired. You can also select a photo/video from Gallery/Camera roll as well by swiping up on the screen or using the Gallery option and selecting the desired media.

Send Self-Destructing Photos On Instagram Direct

3. After taking the picture and making the desired changes like adding text, filters etc. tap on Send to at the bottom right corner.

4. Now, tap on Send next to the username of the person whom you wish to send the self-destructing message.

With this, your photo or video will be sent to the desired friend/group and will auto-destruct after they view it. This message can only be viewed once and can be replayed till the user doesn’t go out of the chat screen with you. Once they come out, they won’t be able to view it after that.

Moreover, you will get a notification if someone replays or takes a screenshot of your photo/video.

There’s another way to send self-destructing media and it gives you even more control. Here’s how.

Method 2: Send Disappearing Photos And Videos On Instagram

1. Go to the Instagram messaging section by tapping on the airplane icon and select the desired conversation.

2. In the chat, tap on the Camera icon at the bottom left as shown in the screenshot below. Now, either take a picture or video using the Instagram camera or select one from your phone’s Gallery.

Send Self Disappearing Messages On Instagram

3. You can do all the editing as usual. At the bottom, you will have 3 options – One View, Allow Replay, Keep In Chat. All of them are pretty much self-explanatory but for anyone who is not quite sure, here’s what they mean.

One View – If you select this, then the recipient will be able to view your message only once. After that, it will be removed automatically.

Allow Replay – The recipient will be able to replay your photo/video as long as they didn’t come out of the conversation with you. Once they come out they won’t be able to view it.

Keep In Chat – This one is similar to sending photos and videos like in the first method in this tutorial. The photo or video will remain in the chat until you delete the conversation.

Self Disappearing Instagram Messages

4. So, select the desired option and hit Send.

That’s all there’s to it. The disappearing-message will be sent and deleted automatically once viewed.


We hope that you were able to send media as a private message to friends and groups on Instagram from Android or iPhone. Also, send self-destructing messages if required. If you found the tutorial helpful then share it with your friends.


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