How to send music files through WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp need no introduction as it is the most used and favored messaging application available on all platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. Most of the conversations take place on WhatsApp with more than a 500 million users . WhatsApp has features to send Image from gallery or record and send an audio. But what if you want to send music files on WhatsApp. This post is going to help you out so that you can send music files through WhatsApp on iPhone in iOS 8 as well as iOS 9.

Send Music Files through WhatsApp on iPhone/iOS

Method 1: This method is updated for iOS 9. With this app you can share audio/ video files on WhatsApp using your iPhone in iOS 9.

1. Download FileMaster App from App Store

If you have been looking for an iOS app with which you can download audio and videos then FileMaster is the perfect app for you. More so after the removal of lot of Apps by Apple from App Store in iOS 9. FileMaster app will also allow you to send the downloaded files to your contacts in WhatsApp. You can go ahead and download FileMaster app.

2. Download the music file 

Once the app is installed on your iPhone you can download the desired file which you want to share in WhatsApp using the browser tab in FileMaster app.

3. Share the downloaded file with your WhatsApp contacts 

After the download is completed, a new Downloads folder will appear in the app. Open it and you can  see your downloaded file there. In order to share the file in WhatsApp, long tap on the desired file and select Open With. Select WhatsApp from the list of Apps that appear. Now, select group/ contact you want to share the file with and finally select Send. Use the below image for more understanding.

Send music files on WhatsApp with iPhone updated iOS 9
FileMaster to share files on WhatsApp in iPhone

Here it is! Your file is successfully share in WhatsApp using your iPhone in iOS 9.

Method 2: This method is no longer working, used work till iOS 8. 

1. Upload Music Files on Google Drive

Firstly you need to upload your music file/files which you desire to send on Google Drive. In order to upload click on the link to go to Google Drive website. Login  with your gmail account on Google Drive.

Once you are logged into Google Drive you can upload your music files by clicking on Upload button which on left side of the window as shown.

Send Music Files through WhatsApp on iPhone

Choose the file/files you want to send and click Open. As soon as you click on open the files start uploading on Google Drive from your Local Storage.

Send Music Files through WhatsApp on iPhone

When uploading of your files is completed you can close the uploading window which popped up when file uploading started. Now that you have your music files on Google Drive, the beauty of this is that you can view them from anywhere on web and share with anyone you desire.

2. Download Google Drive Application for iOS

Go to App Store in your iPhone and download Google Drive Application. Once you download Google Drive for your iPhone you will have access to all your documents and files including the music file you uploaded from your smartphone.

3. Send Music File on WhatsApp via Google Drive Application

Open Google Drive application on your iPhone when it is downloaded. Login with your credentials. You can view all the files you uploaded on Google Drive.

Send Music Files through WhatsApp on iPhone
Files in Google Drive

Click on the file you desire to send. On clicking on the file you will have 2 options to open the file in WhatsApp. You can either click on Open in button at the bottom of screen or 3 dots appearing on top right corner of screen and you will have a choice of opening the file in WhatsApp. Select WhatsApp from the list of applications. On selecting WhatsApp will open and you can choose the contact or friend you desire to send the music file.

Send Music files through WhatsApp on iPhone
Open with WhatsApp
Send Music through WhatsApp on iPhone
Open File


Your music file is successfully sent to the contact you selected. You can also select a group if you want to share with a group.

Send files through WhatsApp on iPhone
File Sent in WhatsApp

Follow the method and easily start sending music files through WhatsApp on your iPhone.



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