How to Share Multiple Files With Multiple Contacts on WhatsApp at Once

Nowadays people are sharing documents (pdf/doc/text files) apart from just photos and videos on WhatsApp. With so many WhatsApp users worldwide, people try different things and come across different situations. Similarly, I also came across a situation where I wanted to share multiple photos with friends on WhatsApp which I captured on a trip. I did find the solution and in this article, I am going to share with you how you can send multiple files to multiple contacts on WhatsApp at once.

send multiple files to multiple contacts in WhatsApp

Send Multiple Files to Multiple Contacts on WhatsApp at Once

The steps and the screenshots used in the article are from Android WhatsApp app. But the method remains fundamentally the same for iOS users as well with slight changes.

To achieve this task, we will use the broadcast feature of WhatsApp. The below mentioned is the easiest way to share multiple files with your contacts on WhatsApp in Android, iOS & Windows phone.

1) Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots at top right.

asend files to multiple contacts on Whatsapp - 3 dots

2) Next, look for “New broadcast” and tap on it.

send files to multiple contacts on Whatsapp - new broadcast

For iPhone/iPad users, tap on Broadcast Lists at the top left corner below the search bar and select New List.

3) It will open a new screen to select contacts. Select multiple contacts whom you want to send multiple photos.

4) Once you have selected all your contacts, tap on the green icon at bottom right. Now, a new broadcast screen will open.

share files with friends on Whatsapp - select contacts

5) On the same screen, tap on attachment icon and select photos, videos, audio files, pdf, text or doc file you want to share with your multiple contacts. You can even share your location with multiple contacts using this feature of WhatsApp.

send files to friends on Whatsapp - attachment icon

6) Once multiple files are selected, tap on the send icon. As shown in the picture, I have selected a couple of photos to send to my friends.

share multiple filesa among friends on whatsapp

7) As soon as you tap on the send icon, it will be shared with all the multiple contacts which you selected in the broadcast list.

On your chat screen, you may notice that the files which you shared with your friends using broadcast list are shared individually with them. Also, the broadcast list appears on the chat screen, you can use the same list again or create a new one if desired. Apart from sharing multiple files, you can also send large files up to 1 GB in WhatsApp.

Above method is the best way to share and send multiple files to multiple contacts on WhatsApp at once in Android, iPhone & Windows device. Enjoy sharing files among your friends. If you face any issues while following the above method, do let me know via comments.


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