How to Send Links or Photos From Other Apps to Snapchat Directly

A few months back Snapchat allowed links to be shared within it’s app for the first time. With the new paperclip icon, users could add links to their snaps. Now, in the latest Snapchat update, they have rolled out the possibility to share links or photos directly from other apps to friends on Snapchat. In this guide, we will let you know how you can use it to send links or photos from other apps to Snapchat on Android and iPhone.

Gone are the days when you would copy a URL from the browser and then paste it on Snapchat to share it with your friends. Now, if you wish to share a useful article or a news on Snapchat you can do that directly from the browser itself. The same goes for pictures.

Update the app to the latest version from the respective app stores and follow the steps below.

Send Links or Photos From Other Apps to Snapchat



  • Go to Photos app and open the desired image.
  • Now tap on the Share icon at the bottom left.

Share Photos directly to Snapchat

  • If your app is updated to the latest version, you should see Snapchat as one of the sharing options. Tap on it. In case you don’t see it, tap on the More(…) at the extreme right in the list. Toggle Snapchat switch to ON and tap Done. With this, Snapchat will be added as a sharing option to the list.

Enable Snapchat sharing option from other apps

  • After tapping on Snapchat, you will get options to draw and app text. After doing desired edits tap on the right arrow at the bottom right.

Send Photos from other apps on Snapchat

  • On the next screen, select the desired contacts/friends with whom you wish to share the snap and tap on the right arrow to finally send it.


1.  Snapchat sharing option won’t appear if you select multiple photos. Sending multiple photos at once from other apps is not supported as of now.

2. The feature is not available for videos.


There isn’t any difference when it comes to sharing URL’s directly from the browser when compared to photos.

  • Open Safari or your favorite browser and when you are on the desired web page tap on the Share icon in the bottom row.

Share links from other apps to Snapchat on iOS

  • Select Snapchat from the list of app options.
  • Add a caption for the message if desired. Select the friends and tap right arrow to share the link directly.

Similarly, the process for other apps remains the same fundamentally the same. Use the Share icon and select Snapchat.

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  • Go to Gallery and open the desired photo. Similar to iPhone app it is not possible to send multiple photos at once so select only one at a time if you wish to share more than one.
  • Tap on the Share option and select Snapchat.

Send Photos from other apps to Snapchat on Android

  • In Android, there are more editing options compared to iOS.
  • Tap on the right arrow at the bottom right when you’re happy with the photo.
  • Select the friends and tap on Send to share it with them.


  • Open the browser and go to the desired URL.
  • When you’re there, tap on 3 dots to get the sharing options.

Send Links on Snapchat directly from Browser on Android

  • Snapchat should be one of them. Tap on it.
  • Add a caption if you wish and select the desired friends. Tap on the Send to share it.

In the same way, you can share stuff from other apps to Snapchat. Use the share option and Snapchat will be one of the app options from now on.

This feature is definitely going to save a lot of time while sharing photos and links from others apps on Snapchat. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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