How to Send Apk Exe Zip Rar Pdf Doc Files on WhatsApp

I have seen many WhatsApp users looking for the solution & posting on different forums about how they can send apk, pdf, exe, zip, rar, and other file formats on WhatsApp which is not supported by default. For all those users, I am sharing this article, covering the steps to send unsupported files on WhatsApp.

The same method works for both, iPhone as well as for Android WhatsApp users. This means that WhatsApp users can share pdf or even zip/rar files among WhatsApp contacts irrespective of the platform(Android/iOS).

Send apk, zip, pdf, rar, doc Files on WhatsApp

To send any of the unsupported file format, you need to install the Dropbox app on your Smartphone. The below steps are same for Android as well as for iOS users.

1) Install Dropbox App on your phone from the respective app stores.


2) If you are already a user of Dropbox, then Sign in with your credentials, otherwise create a profile.

3) Upload file by clicking on ‘+’ icon.

how to send unsupported file format on WhatsApp - plus

4) Next, Choose Upload files. The screenshot from iPhone and Android is shown below.

how to send unsupported file on WhatsApp - upload

5) Once the file is uploaded, click on the drop down icon.

How to share files not supported on WhatsApp - drop icon

6) Next, tap on Share option.

how to send apk pdf doc exe zip files on WhatsApp - share

7) You might see an option to create the link if it is not already created. Otherwise, you will get the option to share.

how to share apk pdf doc exe zip files on WhatsApp - link

8) You will get the option to directly share the link on WhatsApp or copy the link and then send it manually to the WhatsApp contact.

how to send apk files through WhatsApp - share

The WhatsApp user can click on that link to download the files. Once the links open in a browser, the user needs to tap on the icon at the top right.

how to share unsupported file on WhatsApp - download icon

Now, the user will have two option, either to download directly to the device or save it to the dropbox.

download unsupported files sent through Whatsapp - download

You can even send large files of any format on WhatsApp through dropbox.

Note: If you are worried about the space on your Dropbox, then you can automatically delete Dropbox files on a schedule.

Send Unsupported Files on WhatsApp using PC

If you want to send files through desktop to your WhatsApp contacts, then you need to use WhatsApp Web. The procedure is almost same as for app.

1) Signup on Dropbox and upload the file you want to send. You can upload any files like zip, rar, pdf, exe or others files.

2) Once you have uploaded, create the link and copy it.

3) Open WhatsApp Web and paste the link on the chat box of the contact whom you want to send.

You can also send the same link to multiple WhatsApp contacts at once. Making sharing easy.

This way you can even send apk files through WhatsApp, for which many users were looking for the solution. Drop your comments if you are facing any issue while sending files to your WhatsApp contacts.


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