Self Stirring Mug, No Need of a Spoon

As I came to know about this mug I thought of sharing this amazing mug information with you. Till now you have used spoons to stir the contents of your mug and putting a bit effort, but now this coffee mug will make you sit back and relax. Now no need of another utensil to mix the contents in your mug. This is not like your normal mug, as the name (Self Stirring Mug) itself expressing that it stirs your drink without the need of a spoon or other utensil. This ultimate mug has a push button to easily blend in the sugar or cream or any other contents in your drink without a spoon.

Self stirring mug is made of stainless still and comes with a lid that keeps your drink hot. It is also very easy to wash as you just have to pour soap and stir it with the push button. Inside this stylish mug at the bottom there is a whirring disc that spins and froths to blend the contents in your mug and give you wonderful taste. Just by a press of a button the drink stirs itself. This mug is going to make you a bit lazier.



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