How to Select Multiple Files on Mac At Once

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Is Shift to select multiple files not working for you on Mac? Well, another option to do so is using trackpad or external mouse if you use one. But we are not here to tell you the obvious rather you will get to know how to select multiple files on Mac with the keyboard. Be it all the files in a folder, multiple consecutive files or multiple non-consecutive files in Finder we’ve got you covered. So, let us get to it.

Select Multiple Files on Mac With Keyboard

Whether you are looking to select multiple files to transfer or upload this will help you out.

To select all files in a folder press command + a together.

If the Shift key is not able to select multiple consecutive files and only the one’s you click because you are in Icons View. For some reason, Shift doesn’t work in Icons view. So, you need to change the view.

In order to do that, either use the icons for different views on the Window or click on View on the Menu bar when Finder is open and select List, Columns or Cover Flow. In all these views, Shift will work as you expect it to.

Select multiple files on Mac with keyboard

When in List view click on the first file/image. Now, hold down the Shift key and click on the last file. This will select all the files in that group. If you wish to skip a few files in the one’s that are selected then press command key and click on the files to remove from the selection.

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Select Multiple Non- Consecutive Files on Mac

If the files are not in consecutive order then select the first group by clicking on the first file and after that hold down the Shift button while clicking on the last one in that group. Now, press command key and click on the first image in the second group. Next press Shift and click on the last file in the second group. Similarly, you can follow this to select other sections of the files.

How to Select multiple non-consecutive files on Mac

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We hope that you were able to select multiple files at once on Mac using the keyboard. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who own a Mac to help them out.

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