How to See Tagged Photos on Facebook Uploaded by Friends

If you are searching for the pictures you are tagged in on Facebook, then you have landed on the right place. To view all the photos uploaded by your Facebook friend and tagged by them, you do not require any third party software or App. The feature is provided by the Facebook itself. I have explained in this article, how you can see tagged photos on Facebook.

Not only this, you can also see photos of you and a specific friend on Facebook. I will help you out finding your tagged photos using two methods. Both the methods are easy to use and only requires a browser.

Ways to See Tagged Photos on Facebook

To achieve any of the two solutions you will require a desktop. Follow any of the two methods to view tagged pictures.

Method 1

1) Log in to your Facebook account and open your timeline on your PC.

2) Click on the “View Activity Log” option.

how to see tagged photos on facebook

3) Next, from the left side, Filters, click on Photos. This will open all your photos. The uploaded ones and the ones that you are tagged by your friend.

how to view your all tagged photos on Facebook -photos
4) Now you will see two option under Photos: Photos of You and Your Photos.

how to see tagged photos on facebook uploaded by friend - photos of you

5) Choose Photos of You. This will show all your tagged pictures with month and year mentioned.

With this method, you can search the tagged photos year wise also. You need to choose a particular year from top right side and all the tagged photos of that year will be listed.

Method 2

1) Open your Facebook account on the browser and open your timeline.

2) Just below your name look for the “Photos” next to “Friends” option and click on it.

how to find all tagged photos on facebook - m photos

3) Now you will see three options “Photos of You“, “Your Photos” & “Album“.

how to see all tagged photos on Facebook - photos of you

4) The first one (Photos of You) which is already open is having all the posts with photos you are tagged in by your Facebook friends.

Note: If someone has tagged you in the photos that you have uploaded from your Facebook account, then it will show under Photos of You section with other tagged pictures.

If you had a tough time finding tagged photos using the first method you can go with the second one. Still, if you have faced any issue, do let me know via comments.


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