How to See Photos of You and Specific Friend on Facebook

You might have hundreds or thousands of Facebook friends, in such scenario searching the pictures having you and your friend could be really frustrating. With the help of this article, I will tell you how you can see photos of you and specific friend on Facebook. Even you can view other’s pictures having some other Facebook friend.

This feature is provided by Facebook itself so that you can view any friendship info like when someone became friends with others, their pictures, and other information. Apart from viewing pictures, you can also download them. Let’s take a look.

See Photos of You and Specific Friend on Facebook using Desktop

You would require a desktop in order to achieve the solution. The below steps will help you find the pictures you are looking for.

1) Open Facebook website on your browser and login to your account.

2) Now, open the timeline of your friend to find the pictures of you and that friend.

3) Click on 3 dots next to the Message button and choose See Friendship option. This will open the friendship page.

see photos of you and specific friend on facebook

4) If you scroll down, on the left side you will see the photos of you and your friend.

5) To view all the pictures, scroll down more and look for the option “See All Photos” and click on it. Now you can see all the photos having you and your friend.

find photos having you and your friend on facebook - all photos

Find Photos of Someone with Some Other Friend on Facebook

If you want to view the pictures having your friend and some other friend, then follow the below steps.

1) Follow till 3rd step shown above, where you will open friendship page.

2) Now, open the other friend’s timeline in a new tab.

3) Copy the Facebook id from the address bar.

find photos of someone with other friend on facebook

4) Replace your id with the copied id and press enter. You will see their friendship page.

how to see when people became friends with on facebook - replace username

5) Scroll down and on the left side you can view their photos.

Download the Photos You want

In order to download the photos you want, click on that picture. Click on Option and choose Download option.

view and download photos of you and a particular friend on facebook - option

This will download that particular picture on your PC.

This way you can view your pictures with someone or your friend’s pictures with any other person on Facebook.

So whether it is tagged photos or uploaded ones, you will see all of them. I hope you were able to view the pictures you were looking for. If you faced any issue, do drop a comment.


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