How to See All Likes on Your Facebook Page on Web and App

Facebook pages are a great way to promote your brand or business on the social media giant. As your Facebook business page becomes popular it starts getting more likes and follows. But you might have noticed that on clicking on the number of likes on your Facebook page it shows the insights and not the names of the users who have liked your page. So, if you want to see all the likes with names of people on your Facebook page at once then your search ends here. In this tutorial, we will let you know how you can see likes on Facebook page you own/manage on website and Android/iOS app. This method can also be used to ban/block someone from your Facebook page.

See All Likes on Facebook Page on Website and iOS/Android App

See Likes on Facebook Page

You can always head over to Notifications tab under your Page and filter the notifications which say that “XYZ likes [Your Page Name]”. But that will take a lot of time and is a mundane task. So, to save your time we have shared an easier and quicker method below.

Let us get on with it.

See All Likes on Your Facebook Page: Facebook Website

1. Visit the Facebook website and log in to your account.

2. Go to your Facebook page for which you wish to view names of users who like it.

3. On your Facebook page, click on Settings at the top right just above the cover photo.

Facebook page Settings

4. Under Settings, click on People and Other Pages on the left sidebar.

5. On the right sidebar, you will see People Who Like This page will be selected by default and all the users who like your page with their names listed will appear as shown in the picture below.

See likes on Facebook page on Website

You can also visit the profile of those users and it will also the date they liked your page.

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See Who Likes Your Facebook Page: Facebook iOS/Android app

The steps and screenshots I will use here are from the iOS app but the procedure basically remains the same for Android.

1. Open the Facebook app and go to the desired Facebook page you own.

2.  On your Facebook page screen, tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner and select Edit Settings.

See All Likes on Facebook page on iOS/Android app

3. Under Settings, select People and Other Pages.

4. On the next screen, select People Who Like This Page and you will see all the users with their names who like your page.

See all likes on your Facebook page

Similarly, you can use these methods to see likes on your other Facebook pages.

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We hope that this guide helped you to see all people who like your Facebook page at one place. If you think this article will help your friends then share it Facebook.

Do you know any other method to see likes on Facebook page? Share with us in the comments below.

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