Secret behind WhatsApp Success

secret behind whatsapp successWhatsApp is  the world’s largest online messaging application available for Android, iOS, Windows and other Smartphones OS with more than 600 million users. Facebook acquired WhatsApp Inc. on February 19, 2014 for US $19 Billion. What does  WhatsApp have that valued it for US $19 billion and how it is able to notch the first position and proved itself best among lakhs of similar chat applications. Here is the secret behind WhatsApp success that made WhatsApp grow so big.

6 Secret behind WhatsApp Success


WhatsApp is able to provide its users what they love. Users even in such a complex world of technology loves simplicity. What you find on Whatsapp? A simple list of chat screen and friends list and apart from these two a major section called settings. WhatsApp started with very less features which attracted people and later they introduced many features one by one which was easy for users to adapt.


You yourself can compare WhatsApp with other chat applications like WeChat & LINE, it opens very fast. The engineers who developed WhatsApp have intelligently made WhatsApp in such a way  that even when millions of users are using it, it doesn’t lags. This could be one of the WhatsApp success factor. You send photos, videos, audios in just a click, all it does depend is your internet speed.

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Starting with the logo of WhatsApp everything they have is a standard look. The logo is simply a chat icon with green & white color. Even the chat list is filled mainly with rich white color no funky looks not too many colors, however look & feel little bit varies from iOS to Android to Windows and other OS.  Users judge 80% of the application through look and feel, that’s where WhatsApp is able to meet the user requirements.


Everyone loves free stuff and when its about the mobile applications everyone wants to give a try and  have a look of it. WhatsApp initially offered its service free of cost to its customers, but later they started charging US $0.99 per year, a nominal fee. So once your free service of WhatsApp expires, you have to buy it for US $0.99 to continue the service for next one year.


One of the secret behind WhatsApp success is its features. Features like Last Seen, Display Picture, a double tick. The double tick concept is really very nice and unique, it will show a single tick once it is delivered from your end and double thick when it’s received by the other user. Another biggest feature of WhatsApp is “Status”, in such a small mobile application the feature like Facebook have (status) is really very great. All these features makes WhatsApp stand out from other chat applications. However, other applications are now coming up with the same features, learning from WhatsApp.

NEW: Blue ticks in WhatsApp is a new feature in which the delivered ticks will become blue once the receiver has seen your message, means you will get to know that reader has read your message.


You will find WhatsApp is free of Ads, one of the WhatsApp success reason. No advertisement is shown anywhere in the app. Many a times its annoying for the users when an Ads pop up and they want to get rid of it. WhatsApp has very well taken care of this and even after 5 years they have not introduced Ads on WhatsApp through which they can earn huge amount of money, which could be one of the reasons behind WhatsApp success.

The developers behind Whatsapp are so creative and innovative that they are constantly very towards to bring changes that their users will like. Soon WhatsApp is going to introduce voice call feature. So wait and they will bring more for you. Many companies are looking for the secret behind WhtasApp success and are following it to build such similar application.

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