Secret Behind Amazon Logo

The American International eCommerce company, Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer. Earlier the name of the Amazon Company in 1994 was Cadabra and it was changed to Amazon in 1995. This (Amazon) name was preferred because it starts with A, so it will have more probability to appear at the top in a list that is alphabetized. Not only with the name, they come up with the Amazon’s appealing logo quite logically.

Logic Behind Amazon Logo

It’s interesting to see how the online giant, Amazon smartly came up with the logo. The Amazon logo is too simple and clean, but there are too many logic’s behind that simple logo. Actually If you see it properly, its having a yellow arrow. The arrow is not just a swoosh, the arrow represents a smiley, a smiley for the smile it brings to customers face. Another point to note is that the yellow color arrow starts from a to z means Amazon is the dealer of a to z online products.

I was too surprised to see the concept behind the Amazon logo. And I too want to add a concept for Amazon name and that is Amaz(ing)on(line) products seller.

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