How To Search For Old Items Posted On Your Facebook Timeline

Last Updated: November 7, 2018

As you can search Facebook Page and Groups for a specific post, similarly you can search for old items posted on your Facebook timeline by someone or by you only. Day in day out lots of activities happens over Facebook, sometimes you share stuff on your timeline and sometimes get tagged by your friends. Out of so many activities how you can look for a particular one on your Facebook Timeline.

Search For Old Items Posted On Your Facebook Timeline

You can find any post on your timeline from Facebook mobile app as well as from browser using the desktop. Follow the below steps to search for the exact post you are looking for on your timeline.

Using Desktop

1) Log in to your Facebook account.

2) Open your profile and click on “View Activity Log” button.

how to search a particular post on facebook timeline -activity log

3) On the left side, you will see a lot of options. If you want to see your post only, click on “Your Posts” option.

If you want to search for the posts you are tagged in then choose “Posts You’re Tagged In”.

how to look for old post on your facebook profile-posts

4) If you are looking for a photo in which you are tagged or the one you have posted on your timeline then why not use direct filter by clicking “Photos” option.

how to find old posts you are tagged in on your Facebook timeline -photos

5) If you want to look for a video post, then click on “MORE” option below Comments and look for the Video option and tap on it.

how to search for old items posted on your Facebook timeline -more

This way you can also look for the hidden posts, the posts you liked or commented. All these options are available on the left side panel.

Note: If you remember for which year posts you are looking for, then you can search the Facebook post year wise also. On the right side, you will see years listed. Choose the year and you will be listed with all the posts from that year.

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Using Facebook Mobile App

The procedure is almost the same as the desktop apart from few steps which I am listing below.

1) Log in to your Facebook App on your Android or iOS device.

2) Open your Facebook Profile and tap on the Activity Log option. This will open the Activity Log screen.

how to search old post on your facebook profile - activity

3) On Activity log screen, tap on the filter option as shown in the picture below.

how to find tagged photos and videos on facebook timeline - filter

4) Choose the filter options accordingly as I have mentioned for the desktop procedure. These filters will help you find old items faster.

look for old pictures and comments on your facebook account - all filters

I hope with these steps you were able to get what you were searching for. So whether it is a text post, photo or a video posted on your timeline, you can find it easily.


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