How to search Facebook page and group for specific posts

Last Updated: November 4, 2016

Are you looking to search for an old post on Facebook page or group? If that seems your story then this tutorial will definitely help you to search Facebook page and group for specific posts on the website as well as the Facebook app with the help of words or phrases you remember from the posts.

Search Facebook page and group for posts

The other day I was going through my Facebook news feed and found an interesting post from a group I am part of. However, due to some urgent work, I had to exit the app. Later when I tried to find that post by scrolling down the group I couldn’t find it as the group is super active and there are hell lot of posts. Scrolling down and searching for the posts manually is really tedious.

Note: If you are really lucky then it may turn out to be a pinned post on Facebook as it will appear on the top of the group or page.

But my friend you don’t have to search manually by scrolling as there is an inbuilt search feature on Facebook website as well as the app to search for specific posts. Here’s how.

Find Old Post on Facebook Group

Facebook Website

1. Open Facebook on web browser and login.

2. Go to the Group Timeline on which you wish to search the post.

3. Just under the cover photo of the group you will find the Search bar by the name “Search this group“. Type the phrase/keywords you remember from that post and press Enter.

Search Facebook group for specific posts

All the posts in the group having that phrase in the post itself and comments will show up. This makes it super easy to find a specific post on Facebook group.

Facebook App

The steps and the screenshot are from iOS app but the procedure is basically the same for Android as well.

1. Visit the desired group timeline on Facebook app.

2. Now, either tap on the Search bar at the top or Search option just under the Cover photo as shown in the image below.

Find Specific post on Facebook Group on App

3. Type the phrase/keywords which you remember from that post and tap Search.

All the posts with that keyword in comments or posts will be shown. This makes searching of the old post pretty much easier.

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Search Facebook Page for specific posts

1. Open Facebook on web browser and login.

2. Visit the page timeline on which you want to find a specific post.

3. At the right sidebar under Cover photo, there is a search bar by the name of Search for posts on this Page. Type the keyword you remember from the post and press Enter.

Search Facebook page for specific posts

All the posts containing that keyword will appear and you can easily find the desired post on that page.

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We wish that after following this article you were able to find an old and specific post on Facebook page and group. Subscribe to our newsletter for more Facebook tutorials and updates.


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