How to Schedule WhatsApp message on Android without root and iPhone

Follow our tutorial on Schedule WhatsApp message on Android without root and iPhone if you want to send messages on WhatsApp at specific times automatically to desired contacts/friends.

Schedule WhatsApp message on Android and iPhone

The other day, I wished WhatsApp had a mechanism or a feature wherein I can schedule a message. The feature would come handy while sending Birthday/Anniversary wishes or Festival greetings for that matter. Once you schedule the messages there will be no need to use WhatsApp while you’re doing an important task or busy somewhere else thus improving productivity.

However, WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature in its official app. But, I won’t write about it if I didn’t have the solution. So, I do have a way with which you can Schedule WhatsApp message on Android and iPhone.

Let’s get to it.

Schedule WhatsApp Message

You can schedule messages on WhatsApp using third party apps I will share below. Let us first look at the app for Android users which can do so.

Enable Accessiblilty WhatsApp SchedulerAndroid [Without Root]

To schedule WhatsApp message on Android download and install Scheduler for WhatsApp app from Play Store.

The beauty about this app is that you need not root your Android device to schedule messages using this app.

After installing the apps use the following steps to get it working.

1. Open the WhatsApp Scheduler App and you will see the below message asking you to Enable Accessibility Settings for WhatsApp Scheduler app. Tap on Ok and under Settings select WhatsApp Scheduler. Toggle WhatsApp Scheduler to On and go back to the app.

Enable Accessiblilty WhatsApp Scheduler

2.  Now, you are all set to schedule messages. Tap on + button at the bottom right corner.

Schedule WhatsApp message on Android

3. Tap under Select Recipient. Allow access to contacts and select the desired contact.

4. Under Select Time, set the desired day and time.

Schedule WhatsApp message without root

You can even set the frequency, pretty useful if you want to remind your Mother to take the medicines daily 🙂

5. Enter the actual message you want to send and select Create at top right corner.

Schedule Message on Android without root

With this, you have scheduled a WhatsApp message. It will be delivered automatically on the day and time set to the contact selected.

Similarly, you can create scheduled messages for other contacts.

Now, there is a drawback which you should know while using this app. The scheduled message won’t be sent if the device is locked. This means the scheduled message will only be sent if you are using the device or it is unlocked.

Nevertheless, this is the best shot you have to schedule WhatsApp message on Android without root.


1. Schedule WhatsApp Messages on iPhone without Jailbreak

You can use the Scheduled app to send scheduled WhatsApp messages on non-jailbroken iOS device for free. To see the review and understand the complete working of the app follow schedule iMessage and WhatsApp messages on iPhone without Jailbreak.

2. Schedule WhatsApp messages on Jailbroken iOS device

On jailbreak iOS device, purchase Message Scheduler for WhatsApp which is offered by BigBoss repo on Cydia. It is a paid tweak and will cost you $0.99.

After installing the tweak, open WhatsApp and you can schedule messages on a jailbroken device.

Schedule WhatsApp message iPhone

We hope that you were able to schedule messages on WhatsApp using this guide. If you are facing any issues let us know in comments. Which method do you use to schedule WhatsApp messages?



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