How to Save Someone’s Instagram Live Videos Without Notifying

Did you find some really interesting stuff in someone’s Instagram live video and you wish you could download it for future reference? With the possibility of user sharing their live video as Stories, yes you can very well achieve that. In this tutorial, we walk you through the steps to save someone’s Instagram Live videos without letting them know. Also, if you want to download your own live video then you will find the procedure for that too.

Let’s start with the procedure to download your own live video.

Download Your Own Instagram Live Video

In case you want your live video to be with you after it ends then Instagram allows you to save it.

When you end your live video on the same screen there is a Save option at the top right corner. Tap on it to save the live video to smartphone’s Gallery or Camera Roll.

Save your own Instagram live

Please note that the saved video will not have comments or heart bubbles.

As sharing live video to stories allows followers to rewatch them there are good chances of finding someone’s live video in Stories section. And if it’s there then use the following steps to download someone else’s live video.

Save Someone’s Instagram Live Video

There is no way to download anyone’s Instagram live when it’s happening. However, as I mentioned earlier if they have shared it as a Story then it is possible. Here’s how.

You will need a computer and a Chrome browser. Once you have them proceed ahead.

  • Add Chrome IG Story Extension to Chrome browser.
  • Now, visit the Instagram website and log in to your account. If you are already there then reload the page.
  • You should see a new section at the top that shows all the stories and live videos of the users you follow. Right click on the desired live video.(Live Videos have a YouTube like play icon on them)

Download Someone Else's Instagram Live Video

  • Select Download Live Video.
  • The next pop-up window will show all the live videos a user has uploaded. Also, the same windows will inform you about the live video being streamed from 2 separate sources(1 for audio and other for video). Because of that, there are 2 download URL’s for audio and video respectively for a particular live video.

Save Someone's Instagram Live Videos

  • Click on Open Audio URL and the new tab will load the audio with an option to download. Click on the download icon.

Save Someone's Instagram Live Videos Without Notifying

  • For the video click on Open Video URL and the new tab will load the video. It will take some time depending on the length of the live video. Click on the download icon to save the video on your PC/Mac.

Similarly, you can download the other live videos. The beauty of this method is that even though you downloaded their video they won’t be notified. You can also use it to view live video without letting them know and also hide comments when watching Instagram Live.

We hope that you were able to download your or someone else’s Instagram live videos. If you think this information can help your friends then don’t forget to share this article.

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