How to save Snapchat stories of someone else without notifying them

Snapchat is quite a different Social Media platform when compared to Instagram or Facebook. With a host of face filters and image editing options, it makes interacting fun. Snapchat has an innovative approach to messaging where images and media are deleted after a particular time. However, what if you want to save Snapchat Stories of someone else as you liked it a lot and don’t want to lose them. We share a trick which will allow you to download Snapchat story of friends without them knowing.

Save Snapchat Stories of someone else without them knowing

Save Snapchat Stories of someone else without notifying them

There is an exceptionally easy way to save others Snapchat stories by taking a screenshot. There is a feature which shows the users who took a screenshot(shown in the image below) The catch here is how to avoid letting the other person know that you took a screenshot of their story.

Save Snapchat stories of someone else

Users who take screenshots are shown

The trick is a little bit similar to what we used in viewing Snapchat story without notifying another person. The relief here is you don’t have to uninstall Snapchat in the process.

Also, please note that only photos can be saved using this trick and to download videos from someone’s Snapchat Story without notifying follow the method in this tutorial.

So, let us dive into the procedure.

The steps and screenshots are from iOS app but the process is basically similar for Android as well.

1. Firstly, open Snapchat and let the desired Story load completely.

2. Now, close Snapchat and turn off Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. The internet data connection should be switched off on your smartphone.

3. After turning off data, open Snapchat app and the desired Story. Take the screenshot of the desired images in the Story by pressing Home and lock button at the same time(for iPhone).

4. Once you’re done taking screenshots it is time to log out of Snapchat. In order to do so, tap on the Camera button at the bottom center. Next, tap on the Snapchat icon at the top center. Now, select Settings(gear icon) at the top right corner. Under Settings, scroll down and select Log Out.

Download Snapchat stories friends without notifying them

5. Now, close Snapchat app by pressing Home button twice(for iPhone) and then swiping up to quit.

6. You can turn on the internet connection now. Open Snapchat app and Login.

The screenshots you took won’t be counted and your friends will not know that you saved their Story.

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