How to Save Snapchat Videos From Someone’s Story or Chat

Even though apps like Messenger, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp have mirrored the Stories features but nothing can beat the experience and filters one gets on Snapchat. There are plenty of funny and interesting snaps millennials add to their stories or send as chat privately. Without a doubt, you must also be receiving pictures and videos on Snapchat that make you shake with laughter. Unfortunately, you can only replay a snap twice or view for 24 hours if added to stories. But what if you want to view it for the rest of your life? We have already shared a method to download photos from anyone’s stories without letting them know. So, now it is time to let you know the procedure to save Snapchat videos from someone’s story or sent in chat on Android.

If you are also an Instagram user then you look at the method to save Instagram story of anyone without notifying. For Snapchat, continue reading this one.

Save Snapchat Videos From Others Stories Without Notifying

If you think that your videos sent on Snapchat are safe then you might want to think again. Anyone can leverage screen recording apps for Android and easily record your videos. There a lot of recording apps available on Play Store. For this tutorial, we will use Unlimited Screen Recorder.

1. Install the app by searching the name on Play Store or click here.

2. After the app is installed open it and tap on REC button at the bottom followed by Start Now to start recording.

Save Snapchat videos Someone sent you

3.  Launch the Snapchat app and go Stories tab. Tap on the desired story and navigate to the video you wish to download. Let the video play so that it can be recorded by the app.

4. Once the video is completed head back to the recording app and stop the recording by tapping on the same button.

Download Snapchat Videos from someone's story on Android

5. With this, the video will be saved to your phone which recorded all the screen activities including the Snapchat video. You can view the recorded video in the folder with the name of UnlimitedScreenRecorder.

View Downloaded Snapchat Videos without notifying

6. The recorded video will have unnecessary parts which you can remove by trimming it. Either you can transfer the video to computer and use the procedure mentioned here to cut unwanted parts.

You can even trim videos from your smartphone using a few of the apps mentioned in our list of best Video to MP3 Converter apps.

Similarly, you can download other videos in Snapchat stories or videos someone sent you in chat and the owner won’t come to know about it.

We hope that you were able to save Snapchat videos of others without notifying them. If you found this guide helpful then don’t forget to share it on social media.


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