Samsung Internet Browser Vs Chrome: The Showdown Begins

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When you think of browser, the first two options that come to mind are usually Chrome and Firefox, right? They are the two most popular browsers out there, but there is a browser that wants to give Firefox and Chrome a run for its money.

Samsung Internet browser wants everyone to forget about Chrome and consider it the only browser they would ever use. It looks like a decent browser but does it have what it takes to dethrone Chrome?

Let’s look at Samsung internet browser vs Chrome and see what they have to offer.

Samsung Internet Browser vs Chrome: Comparison

Samsung Browser

Samsung browser features, pros and cons

Samsung Internet Browser may not be as known or used as Chrome, but it should be. It has some great features that are very useful and make the browser a must-have on every Android device. You can bet that it’s a browser that’s going to stay on my phone.


Samsung Internet Browser needs to have great features if it wants to impress future users. Samsung’s browser will try to seduce you with features such as:

  • A DuckDuckGo as it’s search engine and anyone who has used it before know that it’s a privacy-focused search engine.
  • Samsung Internet Browser has content blockers. These are third party apps to give the user filter for content blocking.
  • Thanks to a Disconnect me Content Blocker, you don’t have to worry about harmful ads and tracking cookies from watching your every move.
  • Samsung Internet Browser also supports Web Payments and video assistant that allows you to switch between various viewing modes while you look at the video.
  • You can also see immersive videos directly from the browser. You won’t need to wear a GearVR headset and anything similar to it.
  • Moving to the next or a previous tab is also unique since you’ll need to swipe right or left in the URL or bottom to navigate.
  • Physical web beacon, progressive web apps indication badge and a quick menu that gives you faster access to useful features.


  • Not a data conscious browser
  • No voice search
  • No integrated translator
  • No incognito mode

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Google Chrome Browser

Chrome features, pros and cons

The king of all browsers. That’s what many might consider Chrome to be and why wouldn’t it be since it is the most popular browser out there. Many might use it just because it’s the most popular browser out there without knowing the features it has to offer.


  • You consume 50% less data when you browse.
  • Synchronizes across all devices with Chrome installed.
  • Chrome suggest what it thinks you’re looking for before you even finish typing.
  • With integrated voice search, look for content without typing a single letter.
  • Read sites in any languages thanks to its integrated translator.
  • Thanks to the intuitive gestures you can quickly navigate by swiping your fingers across the display of your device.
  • Keeps things private with Chrome’s incognito mode and don’t worry about your history being saved.


  • To keep things as simple as possible, Chrome lacks everything the Samsung Internet Browser has.

If Chrome added everything its competitor has, I would consider it the best browser ever. Both browsers have your security in mind, which is great, but that’s all they have in common. Also, the security level the both browsers offer is far from being superior compared to such alternative as Tor or Brave.


You can’t deny that the Samsung browser is full of great features. However, if it wants to have a chance against Chrome, it’s going to need to add a feature that’ll blow it out of the water. So far it has features that may make users think twice about using Chrome or Samsung’s browser. Now that you know what Samsung’s browser can do, will you give it a try?

2 thoughts on “Samsung Internet Browser Vs Chrome: The Showdown Begins”

  1. I don’t think your comment about the Samsung browser not being well known is true. I’ve had Samsung phones and tablets for years so I know it well as I’m sure many other people do too because of Samsung’s popularity. I definitely prefer how it looks over Chrome. It fills the screen better. Chrome looks too small. I haven’t read all your article, just the start. I will later. I actually use both because sometimes the Samsung browser won’t work so I go to Chrome. Not sure if it happened the other way round. Chrome may be more reliable. Not sure which one is faster. Both are quick.


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