Samsung Gear Circle features & specifications

Since a couple of years we have been noticing tremendous revolution in the musical section. We have witnessed so many type of headphones and earphones. Some are wired and some are wireless. If I talk about brands then the list begins with Sony, Philips, JBL and the list goes on and on. Some products by these brands are super cool. Now even Samsung has has come up with a pretty cool device called “SAMSUNG GEAR CIRCLE”.samsung gear circle features and specifications

Samsung Gear Circle Features & Specifications

Samsung Gear Circle is mainly a wireless headphone cum wearable gear from this Korean Giant. The Smart gear is wireless, so easy to handle & carry. The Gear is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless transmission. The band is made circular so that it can easily and smoothly fit on neck. Soft materials and fiber is used to make it comfortable to wear. The Gear is having an in build vibrator for notification gear circle

Now you won’t miss any incoming call while on go. The vibration is very smooth not annoying so it’s not at all a problem. The gear is having a text to speech configuration making it easy to use. Text to speech technology is very helpful for email and messaging. The navigation is very easy as swipe gestures are there. The interface is redesigned with swipe to touch giving a user friendly way to access the device.  This gear is made with water resistance coating and sweat proof coating as well. Hence you can use it while working out or jogging on the streets. The Gear is available in 3 shades precisely Black, Blue and White for now. The sound quality is amazing as it has NiTi magnets. You can use it neck-less as the both ends has magnet and can be made as one. The magnets are facing downwards so it’s comfortable to rest on gear cirle features and specifications

For volume controls, a sensitive touch is provided on right ear piece to swipe up/down volume and it also notifies that you have maxed the volume by gently vibrating. Above volume controls you will find a multi-function button which lets you play/pause music & also to answer calls. An another amazing feature of this device is automatic call pickup, suppose you are not listening to music and just letting the device hang around your neck and if a call comes and you pull apart the ear pieces, it will automatically answer the call.

Samsung is claiming a battery life of 9 hours with constant playback. Samsung Gear Circle features are quite unique from other headphones and this is what we can expect from a smart wearable headphone. 


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